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"s1mple destroyed na'vi"
People can hardly blame simple for their exit against NiP, he was NaVis best player tourney through. If NaVi can get some more time with Zeus they will be very dangerous.
Rogue Academy vs AliGon
xelos finally quit cs?
What to do in Sweden [Holiday]
https://www.vasamuseet.se/it http://www.vikingaliv.se/en/
RIP Shroud
Nothing that implies hes cheating. The shooting through smoke on B on Cache looked funny but that was apparently a bug, no way a pro would cheat that obvious anyways. Shitty video.
Zoctai vs Rogue Academy
Enix Musk?
GODSENT vs Immortals
It's obvious they need another 5th then pronax, he just doesnt bring the firepower needed often enough. As he owns the team the rest probably need to leave and join up with another 5th in another orga...
The New NiP
The players probably have had a big say in everything concerning the lineup, but that was since they atleast could pull some results toghether now and then, now they are in shambles.
The New NiP
Replace friberg with FREDDYfROG. Cant get any worse then the current situation atleast. Not sure GTR can get back to his star impact game any more either, you see short periods of it now and t...
[*] Turkey
It's unfair in the sense that Turkey is already in alot of senses a dictatorship and Erdogan control the media and can lobby for his own interests in a way the no side cant. It's pretty strange th...
[*] Turkey
It's not a coup, it's their own population voting him into that position. I would rather move to Finland/Norway/Denmark then stay and fight for people that want to live that way.
[*] Turkey
Fight with what? Not even the military can fight off Erdogan as last years coup attempt showed. Sounds like you want another Syria.
[*] Turkey
What can they do besides vote? It's absurd to ask them to stay and "fight" for a people that vote themselves into dictatorship.
kebabs in germany
Please make that into a TV show!
[*] Turkey
It's already a dictatorship, now Erdogan just gets it on paper aswell. The poor sods who vote yes are probably the ones that will suffer the most from it, much like the trump voters. Poor people be...
Bring in eoL for the classic SK>team9>eoL triangle drama!