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FaZe 5th?
If faZe want to be #1 I dont think they can keep karrigan on the line up. He isnt bringing enough if he isnt IGLing tbh.
FaZe 5th?
Well, that might be the case, but there arent a ton of world class IGL's out there available. Who would you pick thats better than karrigan for example? FalleN might be up for it, but his team isnt ...
FaZe 5th?
It's obvious karrigan is the one that needs to leave if he isnt IGL'ing. A long shot would be to get coldzera, if hes getting tired of MIBRs results and wants to try something new he might be up for...
Denmark Ruling?
No doubt about it. When was the last time a country had two teams in the final in a major tourney like this?
Could do: +twist -dennis to get a dedicated awper. Now dennis just isnt a good enough awper to have that role (thats prolly why f0rest has to on some maps). Hes a beast tho so not sure they would im...
Sweden invests millions to teach refugees how to have sex with blonde women
I guess this site upsets all the nerds around here because they'll never get to have sex themselves? Next project for the swedish state: nerdou.se - teaching nerds how to get lucky
Germany vs Sweden
They most likely wont, but a draw isnt impossible (altho highly unlikely). If Sweden can keep tight and Germany dont get a goal in the first half they should open up though and that could be Swedens...
It's obvious he has to go for NiP to excel to a top 5 team and fight for the gold medals instead of being a constant top 5-10 team only. Hes had his time and it aint coming back sadly. Only problem...
Hes next to the cutting block unless NiP starts taking home trophies. Hes just not bringing enough to the team these days. Great game today though.
A really serious incident, she got called out for it, this made big news in Sweden and everyone condemned it, so not sure how it is proof of the collapse of Sweden really.
They are definitly better with Golden then before the change, only question is if they could be even better with him in the future and maybe start getting top 3 finishes and win tourneys. I dont think...
-REZ -draken
Xizt is probably one of the better IGL's fragvise, but I agree that if they dont start performing better more frequently changes needs to happen and I doubt they would touch f0rest or GTR. REZ and dra...
Your not very smart if you base your opinion of him as a player on the stats in one game.
swedish superteam?
Not sure why a team would "need" a support player tbh, teams like FaZe is the proof that you can have extremely skilled players in the same team and be very succesfull with it.
swedish superteam?
Olof (superstar, not at his best atm but also still too good to leave out) f0rest (superstar) flusha (not at his peak but still too good to leave out) draken (best available AWP) Xizt (best available ...