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They are definitly better with Golden then before the change, only question is if they could be even better with him in the future and maybe start getting top 3 finishes and win tourneys. I dont think...
-REZ -draken
Xizt is probably one of the better IGL's fragvise, but I agree that if they dont start performing better more frequently changes needs to happen and I doubt they would touch f0rest or GTR. REZ and dra...
Your not very smart if you base your opinion of him as a player on the stats in one game.
swedish superteam?
Not sure why a team would "need" a support player tbh, teams like FaZe is the proof that you can have extremely skilled players in the same team and be very succesfull with it.
swedish superteam?
Olof (superstar, not at his best atm but also still too good to leave out) f0rest (superstar) flusha (not at his peak but still too good to leave out) draken (best available AWP) Xizt (best available ...
Hes one of the best up and comers in the world tbh.
-xizt must happen
They need all five players to be on top of their game to be able to win a tourney, this one f0rest, whos their most important player in one sense, was kinda off. The competition in the game nowadays ...
"s1mple destroyed na'vi"
People can hardly blame simple for their exit against NiP, he was NaVis best player tourney through. If NaVi can get some more time with Zeus they will be very dangerous.
Rogue Academy vs AliGon
xelos finally quit cs?
What to do in Sweden [Holiday]
https://www.vasamuseet.se/it http://www.vikingaliv.se/en/
RIP Shroud
Nothing that implies hes cheating. The shooting through smoke on B on Cache looked funny but that was apparently a bug, no way a pro would cheat that obvious anyways. Shitty video.
Zoctai vs Rogue Academy
Enix Musk?
GODSENT vs Immortals
It's obvious they need another 5th then pronax, he just doesnt bring the firepower needed often enough. As he owns the team the rest probably need to leave and join up with another 5th in another orga...
The New NiP
The players probably have had a big say in everything concerning the lineup, but that was since they atleast could pull some results toghether now and then, now they are in shambles.
The New NiP
Replace friberg with FREDDYfROG. Cant get any worse then the current situation atleast. Not sure GTR can get back to his star impact game any more either, you see short periods of it now and t...