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your steam avatar?
item drop on twitch
Look at the address bar, if you see "de.twitch.tv/yadadadada" delete "de."
Counter-Strike 2 in development?
Oh, and Gamescom is coming. Valve will have their booth there. They could possibly announce something related to Source 2.
Team Wolf logo
Guys, it's not Team Wolf's fault. It's that "designer" fault. Somone said that his latest logo design posted on his FB profile looks like Google Drive logo before getting "flattened" Latest logo de...
Team Wolf logo
Nice, this should help people who just heard about this.
Knife / Skin idea at early BETA?
Not sure if troll, in Beta default knives used to be Bayonet and Flip Knife however they were scratched and current default knives were added. They just recycled beta knives and added them along new o...
knife server question
If you don't want a knife, why the hell would you like to have a knife mod in server/offline bot game where you obviously play with it?
Best Animes!?
Thanks a lot! Now I have plans for summer.
Help my cousin :D
More or less, Polish branch of Gerber company now uses your PC for bitcoining.
MW icon bug
It should be like this. FT should be FT, MW should be MW. My Radiation Hazard got affected too, but I'm now crying over this.
Best Animes!?
Where you get yer VNs and LNs? Sauce please?
SK hint
It's mousepad
With new maps comes the new operation. New operation means also new cases and new passes. New cases mean new skins. There, was thinking a little bit hurts?
UPDATE 23/04/2014
Also since USP-S and M4A1-S are mostly used with silencer, I don't think decoy with silened gunshots would be useful.
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