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1600$ on mous
Rule #1 of betting; Never bet on your favourite teams matches. In case you ever wanna make profit on betting, good luck in the future buddy. Losses can be rough, but you’ll be alright!
ALTERNATE aTTaX vs Singularity
This is some next level "XD" Cant believe they actually got DQ'd for 24 sec of an eco round where he kills 0 people. Instead of DQ'ing Singularity you should give Alternate a warning for DQ-huntin...
DaboO hate?
"Because [BOLD]hes[/BOLD] english is retarded" - EleGiggle
Top 5 Danish Players(Not in Astralis or Dignitas)
Spot on!
Top 5 Danish Players(Not in Astralis or Dignitas)
No wonder your age section is blank. Go to sleep babygurl
Top 5 Danish Players(Not in Astralis or Dignitas)
"Top 5 Danish Players".. Are you seriously that stupid? He clearly said "DANISH" players. - Didn't get baited!
NRG vs OpTic
IBP = Choice
Worst analogy ever, but thanks for the laugh buddy!
brazzers accounts
If they make a rooster change, I really think they should bring this guy in; http://animal-dream.com/data_images/rooster/rooster5.jpg
Splyce vs AGG
imo it's pathetic that these players even earn money from cs :D
Splyce vs AGG
do you anything about their salary?
Splyce vs AGG
Only tactic in NA: spread default around the map and wait for the stupid ct's to push up :^) NA CS can't even hold a default into set smokes... they can legit just hold their nades for a minute and ...
girlfriend and me
Good looking in America i guess.. below average tbh
Kebab price in ur city/town/village
Du ved godt der findes pitabrød med kebab, som er det mest normale, ikke? :P