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device angry kid
Well, then you have some extreme control over your emotions sir :)
device angry kid
Hhahaha what a load of crap xD Have you never slammed your hand into the table or thrown your mouse, if some bullshit like this occurred to you ingame? never ever? :jjjj Edit: It's better for t...
HEN1 Reaction to big donation
fucked up politicians
Of course Patriots will win it :) Tom Brady and PatriotNation will prevail!
Why is smurfing such a touchy subject for many?
+1 It's not particularly funny to play with silver, nova, ak ranked teammates and be matched against 3 supremes and 2 LEMs, because one chose not to use ones lower ranked account. Most likely, what's...
Most famous person from your country?
Indeeeeed Zydrunas Savickas is a beast!
highest rating in a match ever?
http://prntscr.com/7uv079 yup... :3
Stream highlight - cube
sick shit mr koob
off brand mice
Since 2011 I think so, still looks and works perfectly fine :)
off brand mice
Well... I'm using MSI 3.0. Is that bandwaggon-ish?
Rate this grill?
Gr8 b8 m8 I r8 8/8
favorite weed
I raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarely smoke weed as I'm more into that hashish, so I don't really have a favourite weed. My favourite hash must be "extreme" though. That shit hits hard! It's also pretty expensive...
Blight vs FoxamoX
16-0 for blight prolly... And ofc Cube topfragging as always
TSM Reginald
Price of kebab in your country!
That is a very hard question to answer with the millions of different kebab possibilities out there. In Jutland it's very expensive, the same with Funen, but here on Nørrebro kebab really isn't that e...