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Temp.no vs FMESPORTS
working as in having a job you moron
Temp.no vs FMESPORTS
no, i woke up again after 6 months and i've been working ever since
Gambit vs Temp.no
literally never whine on servers but this server was hosted in someone's basement top kek
He's right though. Everyone who has played against E-frag knows that they will pause after critical rounds to check their opponents money.
k0nfig to dignitas
The best choice for dignitas would be crZy Brilliant IGL & shoots hard
lurppis´s top 10 CS:GO players
No way this ranking can be taken seriously with flusha at #7 LOL
Kinguin selling the team
That's actually a huge deal if true. Not only that they will sell their own team but that they pull out the sponsorship of other teams. Having an organisation like Kinguin with that much money in the ...
TOP-10 Players in your Country
That's a rumour, not surprised you believe in them ;) I could've spewed so much shit about you right now, and I was about to, but I'll actually leave it. Most people know you're a joke anyway :-}
Dignitas vs HellRaisers
did the "analysts" really say pimp & kjaerbye were the big dogs in dignitas and not aizy? LOL not to take anything away from pimp & kjaerbye but aizy has been godlike lately
G2 vs LGB
sorry guys we are saving strats for cologne no kappa
Dignitas vs LGB
jkaem is on vacation so he won't play ^-^
mousesports vs LGB
rubinos computer overheated and we couldn't find a stepin in time :/
Le tour de france
Yeah, they are great. I'm getting goosebumps every sprint a norwegian is involved in because of Paasches excitement
Le tour de france
Gonna be amazing, can't wait to see what Kristoff will do!
The only sad thing about that ace was that it wasn't Anders or Semmler casting. Felt like the casters barely got excited, so it didn't feel as epic. I'm sure Anders&Semmler would scream their hearths ...