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SCAM - FIFA WORLD CUP 2014 fraud in the draw
that stupid music. it's so overused
we hate u brazil
u replied to the wrong person dude
we hate u brazil
i hope Italy trashes England tbh
we hate u brazil
after brazil, we have to deal with russia and qatar hopefully 2026 world cup will be in a normal country
which european teams are Bosnia stronger than?
there are a lot of bosnians in america lol i think most people, europeans or not, would agree with me that bosnia are the 2nd weakest european team
bhfanatico are you bosnian-american? this is a pretty good draw for iran. i think Bosnia are the second weakest european team after greece. but i do think it will be nigeria vs bosnia for 2nd spot.
Bryant best ever
michael jackson haha
RIP Nelson Mandela
cant believe some people are agreeing with you. you're just another retard parroting the same cliched lines that have been uttered by the handful of contrarians the world over. give it a rest, you're ...
Luis Suarez unbelievable goals vs Norwich
why would fc bayern want him? they're getting lewandowski at real madrid he'll get fuking loads of chances to score
Leaders in the world
what's the real meaning of football?
a streamer annoys you? how does that make sense you fucking dumbass lmfao it's not like somebody's forcing you to watch it
dosia getting -100hp from molly
what? i was rooting for coL
dosia getting -100hp from molly
out of vg/cph, nip, and fnatic, fnatic are the best possible team for coL col can make it to the final
dosia getting -100hp from molly
no, dosia thought the molly wouldn't kill him