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cant join any workshop maps
Tough luck
New mouse or new keyboard ?
And you obviously have no skill so what the fuck do those matter?
Game Of Thrones
What the fuck is wrong with you?
CPH Wolves vs LDLC
Only indians have ever witnessed a rape like this
New mouse or new keyboard ?
Someone asking a question like this prolly buys new fucking gear every few months. Completely useless. Go to a brothel and get laid, or drink the money
ChrisJ using hack? or what hack
Nosmokes Chris will drop the cheating when he/the community finds a way to see thru smokes and avoid flashes, just like what happened in 1.6
Most popular song in your country?
Lol not. Sini Sabotage is 1st in the single list
How would you work out the current Top 10?
Put them in a pit to fight to the death
Game of Thrones
Ofc you won't be surprised if you know what happens :D Books are always better than the movie/series of them. The show is so good I read the books only as far as the show has gone to not ruin it. ...
I concider France a part of Rome. So stufoo spaghetti
Game of Thrones
They are in a war? Daenerys' father was the dethroned king and they were exiled. Dae was completely dominated by the brother and sold to Drogo. She is the mother of dragons and fighting the same war t...
Game of Thrones
When you make a thread, you go Forums --> in this case Off topic --> Create thread. This thread was on top of Off topic. You can bullshit like the troll you are but you for sure did not miss it. And y...
Game of Thrones
Sure bra
Game of Thrones
What?? She is the most good after Ned Stark in the show
Game of Thrones
Lol he wrote this earlier than you edit: and you know that very well, this was on top of the active threads when you made yours