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C9 Funeral
More flusha evidence
Someday you guys will realize it doesnt have to aim at him for it to be cheats. He taps it super quick and if it starts to go to the right he knows theres 1 long, so he expects him. its about the know...
R.I.P FLusha https://www.yo...
Fnatic 4 cheaters? https://www.yo...
Pita should resign https://www.yo...
Flusha and the others use a different cheat than smn, SF and KQLY https://www.yo...
who's more interested in vac bans rather than dreamhack? https://www.yo...
flusha blatant as FUCK
I just have to point out... On this one its not the apartment guy hes aiming at, its the guy behind kitchen. Watch again. And I also...
swag VACerino
It wasnt even from cs, lol. He got banned in cod...
so cs is bigger than ever?
CS was bigger competitively 10 years ago yes. Interms of viewership and fanbase? Its as big as ever right now.
best awper in csgo alltime?
idk man, ksharp has been playing good, I think Friis has really been performing too.
Heaton is now officially out of the closet
fnatic vs myXMG
Yo anyone know if this is lan or online? Thanks
$2000 - 2500 COMP BUILD
That is unbelievably overpriced.