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So what car does Elon Musk drive? Are you sure he is not driving a state of the art Tesla?
hAdji's tweet
You called?
Best RPG in history!?
look, a person who knows what he is talking about!
ICBW vs omae wa mou shindeiru
i'll guess ur rank
aaaw thanks! <3
i'll guess ur rank
1024x768 1.3 @ 1200 dpi with 5/11 windows 1.6: 6k hours css: 4k hours csgo: 2.2k hours favorite player: nothing, guardian, simple, kennys
16-0d 2x in one LAN AMA
totally not true, I'm 32 years old and I still got better offgame and ingame reflexes and reactions than 99% of the users on this website. A sword will never dull if you sharpen it regularly and take...
why D0cC isnt a cheater.
has he proven himself to be as good at an official event as online? If so, there's nothing to cry about. Not going to lie, I don't even know who this is... Could be because I am old and don't keep up...
Fragsters vs Winstrike
But I don't intend to go to pakistan. You have so much anger. Like honestly, caring about how other people look is such a beta behavior. Even worse when you feel the need to push other people down in...
Boston major worst major ever
if the best teams gets eliminated in groups they just need to practice harder...
guys im afraid of deranking
People in MM shouldn't have a need for a microphone... You have a radar, possibly general knowledg of the game, and common sense. Work the rest out yourself.
Fragsters vs Winstrike
Calm down vëlla shqiptarë, videogames aren't won based on looks. You should know this.
A dead body? Heroin? A treasure? Necronomicon? Porn magazines? GOD DAMN IT NOW I NEED TO KNOW!
Best anime of the last times
recent in general anime terms usually go 4 seasons back, which is the last 12 months.
if it's legitimacy is questioned and you want to keep the discussion going, then yes