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Murica Police
Sorry, but no matter how many inhabitants there are in a country, law enforcement officers are held to a much higher standards then the rest of the population, rightly so. If you are a police officer ...
boyfriend help!
social class/rank/standing is actually a thing.
iGame.com vs Property
then they can't really be top players if they think someone that is horrible will help them reach the top...
Sorry but valve
trading skins for money between users is against their guidelines. a 7day trading hold is good since there won't be as much p2p-selling which is against the guidelines. you can still trade... live w...
Eyes red
Your eye is heavily strained. Perhaps you are oversensitive to sunlight? Too much spent in front of a computerscreen in a dark room will put a strain on your eyes. Could be a reaction to mold as well....
k1to banned
why u hate russians
Actually, there's 2.5 million Muslims in England alone while there's about 800k muslims in Sweden. :(
iGame.com vs Property
how do you prevent teams from reaching top levels? good results is all that matters.
I Will guess your IQ
32 Skadoodle
Blowjob overrated?
How so?
Blowjob overrated?
Like you wouldn't hit Beyonce in a fucking heartbeat?
Would take JasonR before steel every day though xD
Freakazoid new SK entry fragger
The logic is sound and without flaws... Sounds plausible. HLTV-newspost anyone?
I will rate your nickname!
Waking up to this was... interesting, to say the least.
Shox is a fking assh*ole !!
HLTV.org is a Danish site to begin with, with their Headquarters in Aarhus. Also, even if English is the written language, it doesn't really mean you have to be perfect when it comes to spelling. If s...