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a1 and ak have same firerrate so the one who shoots first (if both aim exactly the same) is going to win
cheating in mm
yeah i dont understand, they make sooooooooooooooooooooooo much money with csgo, why dont invest some lol
cheating in mm
valve should just say that they dont delete the data vac is storing and then u get vacced 1 or 2 years later, would stop a lot of people from cheating i remember when i accidentaly used a public ha...
My GF wants to +18
if she likes to do buttstuff FOR YOU then tell her to massage ur prostate, if u cum from that its like nearly like female orgasm 100/100 cute girls + nasty minds = dream
BO1 w/ standin. meh
useless thread
Cheating At A Major
easily possible
he was just making noise so the ct's cant know if there are steps or nah bc gunfire>steps but u silvers will still stay silver forever xd
Oldest CS pros
i heard is fake, i didnt include him
451M$ lottery
this kid is literally free money up for grabs
451M$ lottery
what an idiot should remain anon and have a blast of a life
only white nikes that look dope are af1 low/mid high looks shit air max 97 essential
ceh9 about Sick from Misfits
csgo is out since 5 years i bet the majority has no fucking clue who is who miss old times :(
R8 my girlfriend´s tan
manly face
no bug no BIG?
watch the gotv
no bug no BIG?
if u do it, 24/7, and then ur not allowed then changing habit from 100 to 0 is extremely hard ye he did it, once its fine, didnt change the outcome