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This is my united states of whateva
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America and Guns
Your comments have only attempted to deride and skew the purpose of my original comment, without having voiced any opinion or facts. Sort of a human filibuster if anything. You may have your final wor...
America and Guns
Yea you would cuz you know first hand what a little shit you are.
America and Guns
Go fuck yourself
America and Guns
I didn't really think you had shit to say, and you didn't now run along
America and Guns
*snap*snap*snap* fucking retard
America and Guns
I'm sure he'd find another hobby, after all dithering on hltv works for you. Edit:I find it plausible that you don't understand very much at all and you are simply spoon-fed.
America and Guns
First degree murder is not why there need to be stricter gun laws, if someone really wants to kill another person they will. So save those stats for when it's relevant. Lets try this math: Which gun c...
17 school shootings usa
Actually the problem was a guy named Nickolas Cruz who had an assault rifle, don't be a complete mong. While yes, he could have been a hero at the point he heard shots, by which time you can assume th...
17 school shootings usa
Clearly every school needs an armed cop, but that doesn't do enough man..It's like wearing your seatbelt when you're drunk. Sure, it can save your life but it wont protect every life and it doesn't go...
17 school shootings usa
Because you lack the gene that registers mistakes and learns from them.
fnatic juiceboxes?
You have to install it.
Last thing you purchased
https://thinkns.com/instrument/the-ns-design-radius-bass-guitar/ns-design-radius-bass-guitar-wav/ ...the notes drip...
What do you think of navis current situation? Anyone with a brain knows cold is worlds #1, though his status is dropping and skill wise simple is every bit as good on paper. Why does simple have such ...
Over Simple Under Tarik In terms of cost per kill I rate Tarik slightly higher while simple has slightly better frag averages. But in every other possible way tarik is more of a winner; leadership, at...