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It is finnish right ? Someone to tell us what it is about ?
what car are you driving?
Citroen Xantia http://www.passionautomobile.info/images/essais/citroen/xantia1b.jpg
TITAN and Epsilon-keep or disband?
I don't think RpK would lead you can't make a good leader from any good player it requires a specific personality not only knowledges about the game.
RpkTank.. need help
RpK has been on top from 2007 to 2013 and that is what makes him a legend. The guy is super calm, probably top 5 aimer in css, the most consistent player ever and by consistent i dont mean he never d...
RpkTank.. need help
Php played on a short period of time compared to RpK. If you mean the one that impressed you the most we could list rattlesnk, weber, shox, Cajun, angeldust, guardian and so on. The point is RpK...
krL & crZ & shokkk
Krl never managed to reach the top in csgo, i have absolutly no clue about shokkk but i don't think he's still playing and Crz had a stream but never really involved in competitive csgo
Best Finnish Counter Strike player of all time
My answer would probably go for a source player that you didn't quote.
Why quoting other people when Ex6 himself used to be a very decent aimer back in source while being the most respected leader for his strats.
Eargasm (require headphone)
Believe it or not, I don't sleep without listening an ASMR video for months now, it drastically reduced my sleeping problems. Plus i recommend you to listen it in a language you are learning, it help...
Sarcasm sarcasm
He failed a molotov after 10 minutes break right in the middle of a grand final bouh bouh worst player . . .
Zidane & France in MM
I guess you don't understand french, otherwise, based on his medias interventions, you would know that Evra is a retard.
shox break up
Shox is not a leader and has never been.
I live in Kuopio. Wonderful city and respectful people, very different from my noisy france. Girls are awesome, seems like a girl offering you a drink is a normal thing here and i love it !
I live in Finland since January, what I miss the most is good food, impossible to get a good piece of meat here.