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RIVAL !!! 100%
Czech Republic vs Iceland
metory is something like a trigger aim in 1.6 ;) similiar with supex0. You can set it up to a ur own server and play with it without suspicion :) and yes i´m saying about zero(frat) :) And i know he w...
Czech Republic vs Iceland
bluee :D :D dakto sa nám tu vtiera ako náš zlatunký slovenský chlapcek s metory na 1.6 :D
s1mple lost his ACC ON PURPOSE
valve can get his IP adress easilly :) so if he´ll try this shit, they will let that VAC :)
My new AK + navi sticker :)
GeT_RiGhT toxic
and who care ?
best anime ?
NARUTO <3 <3 <3 <3
rip chrisJ
Dude... :D You really think if they don´t allow to smoke it and you really think that someone like him who smokes it so he can´t light even there?? :D If he wants to smoke one or more john´s you think...
Show your computer setup! Headphones: SteelSeries Siberia V2 Black Mouse: SteelSeries Rival Mousepad: SteelSeries QcK+ Fnatic Edition Keyboard: Genius - "pro tesco version =D" Monitor: Fujit...
Recommend a movie/series?
Taken 1-3 Underworld 1-4 Blade 1-3 300, 300 parody Abraham Lincoln: The Vampire Hunter Act of Valor Lone Survivor - best film ever! :) American Sniper Valkyrie Disturbia Battle ship Fury P...
toxic,abyss,death by kitty, manowar,hydroponic,tiger tooth, franklin looks so fking awesome!
Most famous person from your country?
Martin Škrte&#318; / Marek Hamšík
Most overrated players?
where´s pasha ?
It is clearly :) I´m using it for few months with skins worth 4.000€, global elite and you can´t be banned on faceit or matchmaking.. I don´t know how it´s goin´ on a esl, esea but cevo i think is sam...
Currently using Rival and won´t change it ! NEVER ! The best mouse :) Just choose between rival / sensei / deathadder or zowie fk1. Don´t think about roccat - biggest shit.. :)