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people who IGL in mm
Considering the majority of people who play MM is 12 years old and don't even know what an IGL is, I doubt that
people who IGL in mm
Everyone thinks they play the best in MM
flusha cheated at some point
With the way demos was (and is still partially is constructed) in CS:GO there's pretty impossible to ban a player based on recordings from a demo. Demos are known to be glitchy and inaccurate, and can...
NiKo choking?
On the other side he saved them from losing in regular time, and was the best player on the server after woxic
Even if his team would've gotten more success, jks is still statistically far from being a candidate for top 20.
This is a prediction, based on the current statistics from The next couple of months will most likely determine who's going to be on top between ZywOo and s1mple, right now they're pretty mu...
You have to actually accomplish something to be on the list
1. s1mple 2. ZywOo 3. Device 4. electronic 5. EliGE 6. Brehze 7. NAF 8. Twistzz 9. Magisk 10. KRiMZ 11. sergej 12. dupreeh 13. JW 14. CeRq 15. allu 16. Xyp9x 17. Ethan 18. Stewie2k 19. Brollan 20. nit...
Fnatic top 4???
Not that weird, AVANGAR pretty much climbed to the top 5 directly after not even winning the major.
FaZe fix³
Olofmeister is statistically the best player in the team if you're looking at the past 3 months. Broky and coldzera at the bottom of the list.
Is cheating "a thing " at big tournaments?
All the players have to turn in their gaming gear to the organizers prior to their games, and also provide a list of drivers and software they require in beforehand. And all the computers they're play...
Astralis donates 30K for cancer research
Haha my bad, Mac keyboard :<
Astralis donates 30K for cancer research
4410* USD
Astralis donates 30K for cancer research
30K DKK €4410 in other words
Fnatic chance against Astralis?
That's my point, individually I think fnatic is without a doubt on the same level as Astralis, but I don't see Astralis losing to fnatic or any other team this tournament mainly because the team play ...