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f0rest greatest of all time
For me f0rest has always been #1 in CS 1.6. Neo had the most impact in his team, but I think it's undeniable that f0rest was the more skilled player between the two. Think that shows pretty clearly in...
ZyWoo > dev1ce
He's playing shitty teams in online leagues, not the worlds best teams in big LAN events.
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Astralis era over !!
Kids losing their shit after 1 half. They will most likely win 2-1.
long-time astralis fans come here
Saying "long-time fan" about a team that hasn't even existed for 3 years is an interesting choice of words.
Niko is our hero !!!
You don't need balls to be salty
Why FaZe is strugeling (serious)
Pretty easy with this rooster
s1mple > coldzera
If only Na'Vi would actually win some big events relatively frequently he would for sure be considered the GOAT.
CS:GO Player since?
CS 1.3 since 2001-2002 CS:GO since release
FaZe olof
Always bottom fragging? He's the second best rated in the team after NiKo the last 6 months. He's been splaying great since he got back from his break.
Fnatic most dominant
The same arguments can be applied to any so called era.
Fnatic most dominant
I'm a swede, and a fan on fnatic, but I completely disagree. I've never seen a team as dominant as Astralis is now, except for NiP in the beginning of CS:GO. And considering how tough the competition ...
Deadliest DUO in CSGO
s1mple and electronic for sure. My favorite duo is (or rather was) flusha and KRiMZ though.
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Edouard "SmithZz" Dubourdeaux
"He's a good support" Allow me to lol We all know he's only on the team because he's friends with Shox