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Virtus Pro
GTR 2010,2011,2013,2014,>all
GTR is a true legend. The only player to have been considered the 1st to 2nd best player of the year in both games. Multiple times on top of that.
NiKo #1 of our hearts
They are both amazing players, with their unique skillset. Impossible to compare them in a objective way.
Coldzera better aim than NiKo and s1mple (explained)
I always think "objective" fanboy lists regarding a highly subjective topic are ridiculous
Coldzera better aim than NiKo and s1mple (explained)
Ridiculous list
worst choke
Of course they are underdogs, but they are far from being a "random team" and an "easy opponent" as you said in your previous comment.
worst choke
I think you're underestimating Vega. They play really good, not an easy opponent in any way.
worst choke
This is not a choke. G2 just can't play T side.
1-8 leaks
My guess 1. coldzera 2. NiKo 3. FalleN 4. Fer 5. rain 6. device 7. s1mple 8. KennyS
6000 hours in 3 years
fixing t2-5 teams
Not because I take this seriously, but Dennis is not an IGL. Yes, he has been before for a brief period of time, and he was terrible at it. And he even said that he really dislikes being IGL, but that...
Rain won't be top 5
smooya 1.41 rating
You're clearly missing the point. Playing 4/110 games online versus top 20-30 doesn't make a 1.41 rating legit. That's all I'm saying.
smooya 1.41 rating
Exactly. 98/100 games are against horrible teams.
smooya 1.41 rating
What do you mean? There's barely a single top 30 team in the match history.