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Temperature where you live atm?
0 now ,
your usp/p2k skin?
ups without skin, p2000 without skin BUT p250 steel disruption with 3 complexity (Katovice) stickers :D
4k Hours Gold nova master , 1.3k wins
according to you: if 1 match take 30minutes, then you can play 2 game per 1hour. to play 130 games it takes 65h (130/2) your math just isnt good ;) no offence bro :D
you´re welcome! ;) try to avoid it and it will be ok :). sometimes shorter video is better and people will enjoy it more :)
dont use that much slow motion (i didnt enjoy video mainly because of it)
just ignore him and it should be fine. its his life. he can do whatever he wants so.. ;)
nejzdevetadevadesateronasobitelnejsiho according to czech databank
give them some kitten food, make warm milk and hope they will survive and try to find that guy who did the trap and beat shit from him (when i was like 14(10y ago) our dog was killed by gamekeeper...
Why Oskar got benched
LUL he´s always been kinda toxic
H1Z1 Invitational
there you go pal
What did SK expect...?
they could ban nuke, so stop with this shit finally. I saw atleast 2 threads you said this same thing. They could either play nuke or cobble. they ban cobble... so PLZ just stop
Na'Vi win ESL NY?
if guard will hit shots and stuff, then yes, they do have chance
Cigarettes price in your country ?
cuz our government ;)
Cigarettes price in your country ?
Natus Vincere vs Liquid
flamie carrying so hard on train :D