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Been playing CS since 1.3 and it's basically still the only game I play.
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what car are you driving?
2002 Yamaha FZ1
laptop monitor
You'll have to do Mini-DP -> DP (via cable or adapter) -> monitor and then make sure that your graphics drivers are actually set to 144Hz. I have the ASUS VG248QE and I love it. Some people complain a...
If 250+ fps , post ur specs
What's your resolution? In one of my work computers I have an Intel Q9400 (2008) + HD 8570 (2013) 8GB DDR2 and I still get 70-80fps at 1920x1080 on low settings. I would guess that your resolution is ...
If 250+ fps , post ur specs
Sorry to reply but this thread is inherently flawed. Specs mean nothing without resolution and graphics settings. Even a crappy computer can get 300+fps on 640x480 low settings. FYI I have the same...
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Sure why not.
He needs to quit saying expecially (instead of especially) and then I might be able to pay attention to what it is he's actually saying.
why is Fifflaren so bad?
CS:GO salary
NiP vs Complexity
NVM they reset the counter.
NiP vs Complexity
No, just most things. Often including ignorance :)
NiP vs Complexity
Looks like the games will be starting early? Stream says starting in 3 minutes, just FYI.
fnatic vs VeryGames
Going to OT??
ENCE vs Refuse
Why aren't they forced to play with the same roster as yesterday!? No joelz?!?
CPH Wolves vs n!faculty
How do these guys always have computer problems? My computer NEVER breaks down...
Yes, and demeaning the people who are actually enthusiastic about the idea is really going to help. You, sir, are an idiot.