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Guess I'll have to start playing some fpl if everyones so certain Denmark doesn't have a good awper
luf for everyone
Holy shit? How do you know me so well, lol. Honestly it's a pile of shit, Lukas is writing. I cba standing up to lies, nor do I feel the need to uncover them for HLTV audience. Lukas is entitled ...
gla1ve kicked from Cph Wolves
Man, people jump to conclusions fast. I can't even be arsed commenting on glaive's comments, uncovering the lies is just too much effort spent on sucha directed hate attack. I would never boycut an ...
Oh yeah, you like that? Oh yeaaah.. if you want more, you have to invite me to some streamfest.. We could do double cam.. Sounds sexy, amIrite?
Hype is not real :-(
Hypetrain is real!
Haha simply amazing backup tonight guys! Can't wait to stream tomorrow! :D Check out the offline banner @ the stream to see when my stream will begin - if you're interested!
Motar2k explained
suddenly? I think most pro players have an account but don't want to comment on every retard post there is out there. Finally someone who does a good thing - and you call it a bad thing to comment on ...
Motar2k explained
Why do you say that? I'm not looking for motar2k to donate towards my stream. If he wants to watch my stream that's cool - if he decides to donate any amount of money towards my stream, that's also co...
Motar2k explained
Respect for you, dude! I've recently started streaming myself (because I don't have a team and I don't want to come back 'again' just to suck ass :D) so I'm getting the hours needed by streaming and p...
smithZz playing for FEMALE espilon today CONFIRMED
Really, is this what it's come down to? "Finally" women get to play in the same league as guys - after 2 matches (I suppose, haven't seen jackshit of it) you get smithz to play.... If JennyZz was ...
I certainly hope so! I'll be playing vs Na'Vi in case they do :).
I left dignitas because I couldn't play as much as they wanted to. I wasn't standin untill a permanent player was found, I was the permanent player but hence drivers license (couldn't start pracc unti...