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Sweden downfall
this is just positive in my opinion
rate dat ass 5
he just doesn't like the sight of war in the horizon, which is really hard not to expect with hillary in charge as she represents the status quo in american politics.
these nostalgic balkan war threads are always fun
FaZe changes
rain jkaem mystic cromen kalle/hoyland that would be very intersting to see, but I doubt there's anyone willing to finance that.
say hello to another four years of the american financial and political elite destabilizing the world for their own benefit. not to mention our own corrupt, phony european politicians who'll follow su...
then you've been living under a rock
I never knew polish people were this touchy
the most obnoxious characteristic about this being is the danish language it's spewing out.
welcome to 2006
Are Europeans really that retarted?
Terrorist attacks is the least of our problems when considering the cultural decay we're only getting a glimpse of.
Islam religion of peace!
Muslims have enslaved people to a much larger extent than Europeans and Americans over the centuries. Religion of compassion.
It actually seems that Europe is starting to wake up as younger voters lean more towards conservative parties than their dumb, naive parents.
She won't be happy until German culture and heritage are completely wiped off the map.
Swedes, come here, guys
I haven't really seen many swedes talking negatively about brazil on here, so I don't know what's up with you and your compatriots' bitchy attitude.