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LDLC vs Lemondogs
yeap cuz all of them were leading their teams... after joining vg mr.ex6 has strange strats :D but for an awper its different situation... for example kennys was always on b on mirage.. now he was hol...
LDLC vs Lemondogs
i think kennyS has a freedom in ldlc... he can do whatever he wants .. so he raping every1 .. thats the main difference between old and new kennys
the truth is that u russians are the fucking dumbest ppl on the fucking world :) i m not racist ... got some russian friends :))) they can easily change even their wife for vodka...education low , go...
VeryGames vs Western Wolves
roflmao... i cant even imagine how bad ww are... they will get raped by vp not talking about nip./... just why the fuck did they leave arch when score was 12_1??? who the fuck called that it was banan...
NiP vs Virtus.pro
no1 has chance against this guys .... if vg starts good they can atleast give some shots to them... but still no chance... vg is still 2nd best team.. lets see ww vs vg... they have to revenge those d...
1v4 Clutch AWP
Man Utd - Reak Madrid
top3 :D say to us something about ur top1 top 2 team please :)
markeloff vs kennyS
they borh are great... kennys is faster :) marik is smarter
NiP vs Anexis
worst final match the community have ever seen
great english sir ! oh u are russak
lol, maybe not as good as in css... but hes realy great igl... proved everything against anxis in nuke...
Wtf happened to VeryGames??
shity onepointsixers get a life bros
VeryGames vs Anexis
i hope vg can hit to nip in the final... atleast 1 map :)))
Bad on LAN or cheaters?
typical random russians
stop! befor u say bad thing of india look to this thread
can u fucking imagine how retarded u are??? swedish dipshit??? have fun with ur acne and little penis .... talking some random viking about indian ppl who has older history than half of europe....