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I only experienced a little bit of this, but for the most part, not that I saw. There is just way too much over-advertisement for politics in general over there though. You can't escape it. I know I v...
I visited California to see my girlfriends family last month. I agree with you, but Cali does have so many beautiful places that I visited. Lake Tahoe/Yosemite Valley are amazing. A lot of the people ...
coldzera wont be in top 7
For HLTV's rankings, probably, but that's only because their ranking system is a complete joke. Nobody really takes it seriously, the main focus in their "Best player of the year" awards is team achie...
thoorin so savage
So what you're saying is he isn't a wizard, and didn't predict upsets. Sound.
2019 EU Minor is Next Major
The teams that go 0-3 in the current stage of the tournament go to the minor, in the new ruleset, not the major qualifier.
rate 5k deagle
So three random luck prefires, one ok shot (4th one) and a knife, with 50 seconds of useless editing. Sound.
CS:GO National teams
Rattlesnk Mangiacapra pt wez wilzooo
CS:GO National teams
massive virgin
Your National Hero
Jimmy Savile
Favorite book ever?
Probably the hobbit for me. Loved it as a child, read it lots of times. LOTR are pretty much equal to the hobbit too for me. (Books only, LOTR films >>>> hobbit) Also like the girl with dragon tattoo...
Colombia should have been down to 10 men very early on, they were so dirty for the first 70 minutes or so. No idea how we finally managed to win a shoot-out but I'll take it.
#1 coldzera 2018
This aged well. Cold 67-61 S1mple 94-46 Move along, plebs.
#1 coldzera 2018
HLTV users literally change their mind on who the best player of 2018 is based on a single map. The mind of chimps.
Fair enough, but that's not a very big sample size is it? By that logic we could say worldedit "can" be on the level of GuardiaN, because he does it once every 100 maps.
I didn't realise the major consisted of one match. He was far inferior to GuardiaN overall at the major. What were YOU watching?