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Linkin Park's Chester Bennington Committed Suicide
RIP, still listen to them now. Such nostalgia, all the runescape pk vids had linkin park in back in the day.
Shittiest major lol
It's both. Swiss system massively favours underdogs, not only that bo1 swiss system is even worse. They honestly need to do real seeding with GSL bo3 for all the group games.
Shittiest major lol
I'm not usually one to jump on a bandwagon, but I really do have to agree. It's even worse than MLG colombus when Fnatic/Na'Vi had both their best players injured and NiP had to play with a coach. Hon...
BIG? More like BUG!
No he was doing the regular jump you fucking tard.
-allu +?
Look people, a silver.
DaZeD is bad.
You're a child and use strawman arguments to try and make yourself seem intelligent. A lot of the morons on here are just trolls, that's fine. You however enjoy the smell of your own farts, and come a...
My cat died :((
RIP :(
hope ur trolling
Feel bad for Aizy
Sorry to inform you but North are the highest paid CS team in the world, even more so than FaZe. Think it's in the region of 20k/month the articles said.
SK greatest team of all time?
You realise the two majors that LG/SK won were two of the least competitive majors there have ever been right? Not to mention, 2015 was the most competitive era of CS to date. 2016 was well known as t...
countries that your country likes?
Ireland is a very pretty country
Basically, it took so long for the "old boys" to actually try out new talent that the UK got so far behind. That and the fact most of our good players either retired completely or took huge breaks fro...
Most Toxic Country?
NBK > ScreaM
Makes no sense at all. Roles fitting together is more important to a teams success than individual skill. .