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Astralis dominated last year, s1mple was top 1.
zwyhoo is new simple
He looks amazing I agree, but I want to see him perform on the biggest stages vs the best teams before I start getting very hyped. For all we know he may struggle mentally on big stages vs the best te...
zwyhoo is new simple
I guess we can just go ahead and call Zywoo the new Zidane then if all we have to give is the context of them both being French for it to be correct.
It isn't lying to themselves, it's finding a way to still look good without having to either spend a lot of money on a potentially failed hair transplant, and without clinging on to the small amount o...
I used to when I was around 22-23 years old (Currently almost 27), it was probably due to stress, but I noticed a lot of hair coming off at that age. My hairline has receded about an inch or so at eac...
zwyhoo is new simple
He has the potential to be one of the best, but calling him the new s1mple is ridiculous. He's been to like 1 or 2 international lans, with almost no good teams there. I'm excited to see what he can d...
s1mple undeserved
Na'Vi are one of the teams most recognisable for NOT dropping their star players in s1mple and electronic AK's in some rounds, and instead having AK's on zeus/edward while they are left with pistols. ...
s1mple undeserved
fukc hltv rating
so retarded
sergej is awesome, but don't forget Aerial
I read it, and I disagree with your subjective opinion based on nothing but your feelings.
sergej is awesome, but don't forget Aerial I rest my case. Watch more games, don't base it off the 2 or 3 you have seen.
sergej is awesome, but don't forget Aerial
Sergej is their best performing player on LAN and online. So you can think that if you like, and yes Allu and Aerial are both good too, but the main star is quite clearly Sergej. The statistics just f...
Recency effect. He was excellent for the second half of the year, but he was just good for the first half.
Liquid Won
Stewie a similar player? Man the average CS fan literally knows fuck all about the game. Liquid lost this trade by a landslide.
device > s1mple
Clearly you didn't. Check the stats from the event.