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4:3 Stretched
If your native resolution is 1920x1080, the 4:3 equivalent is 1440x1080. The difference between 16:9 and 4:3 is you have more pixels vertically on 16:9. Because of this for these resolutions thehori...
resolutions WOW!
Yep. People feel this way because they obviously stretch the image. And then they lower their sens, or even worse change the X:Y ratio of their sens....
resolutions WOW!
How can there only be 2 choices for this? I like both black bars and stretched, but I would never change my sens depending on which one I am playing.
You can see perfectly fine on 1024. Obviously you might need to get used to it if you switch from 1920. But I would guess they choose 1024 over 1280 is because they like the feel more of 1024, and the...
Favorite 1.6 player?
A player from Germany called fer ingame, and having the exact same First name and last name as a Brazilian fer? Extremely unlikely. Probably just the fer who currently plays CS:GO in SK ;)
Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad is one of the best, if not the best, TV shows ever made. It might be a bit slow paced compared to others, but it is what makes it so good. It can have the most chill scenes ever, and then...
valde on zAAz
Well, the CSGO rank is based on ELO. Only in this game you don't know your exact elo, you just have the emblem of your rank. So if you don't play for 1 month, it is not like your ELO gets reset to 0 o...
valde on zAAz
I am not trying to defend her or anything, i was just pointing out that a statement saying that if you are +300 mm wins and still LE you are shit, isn't necessarily showing the full picture. I don't t...
valde on zAAz
If you play a game right after you lost your rank, you will prolly get the same one. But if you wait for a couple of months or more you will derank.
valde on zAAz
It is more than likely she didn't play a matchmaking game for 2 months or longer, if she only plays practice with teams and FACEIT/ESEA Pugs. And then after a couple of months played a mm game with so...
valde on zAAz
Not really. Most people don't play mm, or quit when they reach global. So it is likely she just deranked from inactivity.
I fix ANY Country Scene
I don't know much about the Norwegian scene, but isn't that guy Mystic pretty sick?
Bye Bye, Astralis
WTF are you talking about? Number one producer of child porn? Well, I don't know if this is true, I find it unlikely considering we have a small amout own people living here. But there is insane pe...
k0nfig balls of steel jpg
What made it even more risky imo was that, when he decided to knife him, he pulled up the knife and walked a few steps to be in distance. He should atleast have kept his m4 out untill he was in reach ...
new series to watch
imdb says hoc s5 should come out 24. feb but not sure