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you will be mr.slave from southpark... have fun with that :-)
asus p8z77-v lk
as #5 wrote - "Depends, if u have performance issues you should update BIOS, otherwise chipset and graphics are the only thing your'e gonna need."
asus p8z77-v lk
what this man wrote. - Just download chipset & graphics and then you're good to go :-)
fxy0 Best awp EU ?
wow, did he really compete against the whole top counter scene at that lan?! Amazing stats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Against shit players)
Aalborg (know its danish, but just read the m2 and price in KR) I will recommend that you try to find an appartment ju...
You really dont want to know. It would not make any sence to translate it...
CPH Wolves vs Natus Vincere
haha, im not sure if your trolling or? CPH Wolves beaten up fnatic and WW on lan, even twice....
CPH Wolves vs Natus Vincere
oh, just one good game? Tell me what they have achived besides that?
CPH Wolves vs Natus Vincere
#31 bonus: How come it, that people can call Na'Vi good on LAN, when they havent achived anything yet?
CPH Wolves vs Natus Vincere
And your point is?
CPH Wolves vs eSpuma
i mean, if they are afraid of the gotv will crash or something, then just open that one freaking spot for a streamer.....That cant be that hard.
CPH Wolves vs eSpuma
They should open a spot for bainshie, so he can stream the game for the rest of us :-)
SuperstarS vs Nostalgie
nice one :-)
SuperstarS vs Nostalgie
wasn't that the 3DMAX time?
fnatic vs Server-Forge
three streams for the same game... nice :D