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Brasil free trade APROVED
How many politicians we need to kill so Paulo Guedes can be the president?
rapper 100M views but never ever heard of him
What about Bum Bum Tam Tam? 1.2 BILLION views
why DO GIRLS like me?
That's bad and i hope things get better for you.
why DO GIRLS like me?
If you invest 20k in a company it takes a lot of time till you get that 20k back and start having a positive balance
jokovich, right?
5’7 (170 cm) male
Like a portuguese fella said above, you just need to be taller than the girls you are hitting on. That's it. Also, if you know how to talk and act confidence with the ladies than that's enough to get ...
5’7 (170 cm) male
That's exactly it. Being taller than the girl you wanna make out with is enough. But i will say this. Being tall REALLY gives a nice first impression at parties and shit. Watching girls having to look...
The whole "n-word" shit is just fucking dumb. I don't know why that's a thing in the US.
BR Cs isn't DEAD
Nah, it is. At least for a couple of months till something new comes out. Don't get your hopes high for this major.
She looks really good without all those makeups and cringey costumes but i gotta give it to her, she's that type of girl that knows she can explore man and that's what she's doing. Pussy has a crazy p...
No FURIA either from the looks of it
S1mple hahahahahaha
s1mple is a monster but i can see zyw00 becoming better than him and even being a more sucessful player than him in the future. For instance, i'd say Vitality is a better team than Na'Vi. Much more pr...
Goodfellas Full Metal Jacket Godfather 2
how tall are you?
1,82m - 6ft
in your language in your language
Na sua lingua toda delícia