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Top 1 Finn?
allu not even top 5 realtalk
UK just doesn't have a big eSports scene in general, unlike East Europe/Germany/Scandinavia. As to why events in UK? Lots of important orgs are based in UK, e.g. FaceIT, and they are organising ECS an...
FaZe must win
I don't think you can get rid of GuardiaN, he's so clutch. Rain always seems to fail when I watch him though. He gets great stats in games against worse teams, rarely seems to deliver against top tier...
3 last years of Xizt
Too early to say. In teams there is often a honeymoon period, don't ask me why. Seen it so many times, also with standins for tournaments. He was certainly hitting good shots on Cache against C9.
Are you talented ?
I'm a talented writer. Wasted on HLTV lul
Trump IQ?
He didn't make his money, he inherited it. He's actually lost money over his life lol. He was so desperate once he was doing TV ads lol.
It looks like a fan. I guess random object prop on map just glitched out. Cool tho
Crazy how Space Soldiers have two players in Top 10 in stats.
Streamer 10years prison
Streamer 10years prison
If you are that stupid, you probably deserve to go to prison for a few months at least.
pasha vs HUNDEN
HUNDEN much smarter in 1v1, so he has good chance imo
North most boring names?
It's not a professional sport, it's a game bro. Having interesting nicknames is cool and a unique part of gaming.
2D > 3D
Renegades vs
top5 countries going down the drain
Gonna be a good lol to see Norway when it runs out of oil. Back to biggest export business of herring and bad music. Welfare state will collapse. Turn back into 3rd world like it was for entire histor...