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TOP1 HLTV device or ZywOo ?
Very, very unlikely to be ZywOo based on HLTV's system. Team achievements are very relevant. I wouldn't be surprised to see 1. device 2. ZywOo 3. s1mple. Also I imagine lots of rage threads about it.
HenryG caster of the year
I'm happy for him because him and Sadokist are my favourite pairing along with Bardolph and DDK. While it probably isn't so relevant anymore, it was always nice for him to cast games because he actual...
Any true CS fan is a fan of Astralis, if only because you get to watch Xyp9x play.
Devve top 1 of all time
People always say that device has the advantage of a good team and s1mple does not, and that s1mple has a higher level despite his team. While it's true that individual actions s1mple is probably a b...
European Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs was as much a billionaire built on fashion as anyone else. Either way, the answer to your question is simple. USA is the largest economy and Silicon Valley is the heart of the modern techn...
taxes are punishment of the state
Could you explain this? Government borrowing per annum is a fraction of tax revenue. The reason why government debt can accumulate to be so large is because they have a guaranteed revenue stream throu...
Dude can I borrow your time machine? Couple things I'd like to change back in 2015
As usual, it really depends on criteria of what is "shit" for a body or for a face.
how old is your pc?
I would have boasted that my case is 15+ years old, but I replaced it a few months ago because it couldn't fit newer components in anymore. Still have it though. It weighs like 5kg, made of solid stee...
blast format
Sort of? I mean CoD and Rainbow 6 have a similar map pool size in the competitive pool even if they technically have lots of maps. Overwatch is an exception, but I think you can understand that 'know...
blast format
Of course it's still CS, but in terms of variance it's way out there. The worse team will win a bo1 significantly more often than a bo3. Also, it's even worse these days than back in the day, imo, be...
I'm back from work, sorry if this is a thousand hours later, but actually the value of Valve is unknown. They released equity information in 2012 which was their last publicly known valuation. BA is p...
While it is possible to calculate revenue to an extent, Valve (like Blizzard) is very opaque about publishing its profits margins, probably because they are extremely large. Obviously Valve foot most...
Since 2013, the tournament's prize pool has been crowdfunded via a battle pass system within the game, with 25% of all revenue made from it adding directly to the prize pool. Internationals have the l...
Pro player quotes
LANhack ftw. If they win more I'll bust them, just wait :). Would bet they get away with it, disgusting Germans.