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impossible to win with germans
I'm from UK and it's true lol. Back when I played on ESEA, it was like the team with more UK players would lose, good shit. Although I will say I find people some countries more toxic (but not more v...
Snax rekt Mouz.
He's not on the same star level as ropz, Sunny or oskar anyway. Not for a long time. ChrisJ was the AWP star in mouz once, now he plays support/IGL and rifles. Can't expect 4 people to work around yo...
Snax rekt Mouz.
Potential not used in the right way = rest of the team doesn't play around me to set me up to get kills.
It's copy pasta from some incel years ago, TMYK.
Top 10 metal bands
There are 10 good metal bands?
Why do you NOT use the SG 553?
Sorry my friend, when sentence is ambiguous on HLTV I usually assume the worst
Why do you NOT use the SG 553?
I did, they said they have 30x more kills with AK than SG or more.
Why do you NOT use the SG 553?
Heard all the arguments and seen all the weapon stats, gun is just...not as easy to use or consistent as AK. It was never about the price or else teams would buy when economy was strong over an AK. E...
2015 OLOF > 2018 DEVICE
2015 level is low, sorry
Paypal me 30cents
*thinking intensifies*
Paypal me 30cents
you in poverty and spending last cents on hearthstone welcome bundle? brother why
Paypal me 30cents
how tf can you be 30 cents short of anything
Device underrated
s1mple currently Top 1 but if device keeps dominating events til end of year then he might be Top by end of year tbh.
Communism Feel free to read or not. Probably not gonna talk shop about Nazism anymore on HLTV but have nice day anyway.
Wasn't it? Aryan racial superiority was a key tenet within Nazism, and a fundamental basis for their expansionist policies, eugenics and eventually the extermination of the racially inferior. You can...