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s1mple chose XANTARES
He predicted Xantares because now he is on a roughly Top 10 team so has chances to show up at Big Events and get into Top 20. Space Soldiers never competed at enough T1 LANs for Xantares to get on Top...
Simple is a smurf
TBH I think most people expecting device to be number one felt that way not because they think he is better than s1mple as individual, but in the past HLTV rankings have put such a massive weight on t...
peak shox
His peak was so long ago, most posters on this site probably haven't played long enough to see it lol. Personally, I don't think he was such a monster as s1mple, but definitely a more 'complete' playe...
what's up valde ?
Good chance, but not certain. Wait to see who is in play-offs. Even random teams can make huge upsets, look at mouz.
The fall of civilizations
If the weak perish, you won't last long.
Complete chicken and egg argument though, obviously his play is contributing to the wins. It's not even a question that the "best" way to play CS doesn't necessarily mean playing for the best stats. ...
Vitality vs North
I was like "is he really safe from the bomb there??" Turns out, no.
Peaky Blinders
good luck with Westworld S2 friend, maybe 2 good episodes. probably better to not watch it and just be happy that S1 was good.
Is SK coach "dead" even human??
It's sad but I have no fucking faith in these French lineups. They are so swingy and erratic. ZywOo is fully sick, but then there's always 1-2 players who play like shit and unlike Na'Vi, they don't h...
rate trap 18+ xdd
I think somebody just realised they are bisexual
Peaky Blinders
It's quite fun in some ways, but pretty predictable. Tbh though, far more retarded stuff happens in tonnes of popular series. Also FWIW, the characters are not meant to be particularly likeable I do...
Is SK coach "dead" even human??
maybe funny if you have 70 IQ and 12 y.o.
Windigo vs North
wtf bubble
uhm... STYKO?
Mouz had no chance on cache, you could see how prepared Valiance were on their executes. Mouz literally had no idea how to counter them, they looked lost on both sides.