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Why do you hate Trump?*
He's the biggest retard ever elected to public office in any country in history, and you can know that by listening to him trying to speak his native language. Funny to watch America collapse in real...
Who is the GOAT?
Sad that even now people cry about this. Many of the top players in CS:GO were top in CS:S and compete equally or better than many 1.6 legends also. Should not be a surprise to anyone with a brain.
Leshbian kisses very hot
im calling the fbi
Top 20 players of all time CSGO
Sorry but nobody sane thinks GTR has been even Top 20 for the last two years at least. I don't really care much about 2012-2013 era either.
Best throw matches in 2018 summer /discuss 50 mathces
If not autism and instead gambling problem, maybe talk to therapist.
Best throw matches in 2018 summer /discuss 50 mathces
Been a long time since I saw such intense autism, thx
Richest pro ?
Hundreds of dollars per day is not so much man :x
Richest pro ? You can see his family's private charity foundation which has 6 million CAD in assets, and on staff page you can see '...
Traps ARE gay
literally crying with laughter lmao
paul joseph watson
Never fucking heard of him, why should I care
overrated movies ?
Batman Dark Knight City of God Godfather Part 1 Once Upon A Time In The West All good but overrated.
Top 20 players of all time CSGO
If you are talking about CS:GO from 2012-2018, I guess Top 1 is KennyS or GuardiaN. Maybe shox too. Not many players have been at top of scene for the whole time.
Democracy doesn't work
Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others that have been tried from time to time.
I give you a compliment
I quit for 2 years but I was GE, FaceIT Level 10 and had ~14 RWS in ESEA (it was before A/B/C stuff). I played some CS for first time again yesterday on public DM and I got mad because I couldn't get ...
r8 this asian girl
She is hot, actually one of the only r8 girls I've seen on this site who look good. The real question is what does she look like without makeup?