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Recommend cool RPG games with rich story
theme hospital
SK vs NiP
americans are fucking retarded, making those stupid noises lmao grow up
Steel trash traitor
i love tea
Ghost vs GX
esea, and ye but what if their opponents say no xD
Ghost vs GX
they have this bo3 but they also have their final esea game in 40 minutes and they can make playoffs if they win
Ghost vs GX
which game will GX play?
NRG vs Immortals
It's seriously bullshit that immortals are allowed to play from Brazil when the result of their match can have such big implications for other teams placings. They should be removed from the league.
Fixing Liquid
are u sure about that bro? i work nights in an office i watch all those shitty NA pro league games
Fixing Liquid
have you actually watched their matches? he doesn't "kill it" at all, not even slightly.
Fixing Liquid
look at his games in average, a skilled player has more than ONE notable performance, jesus christ he barely goes positive in his games and quite often doesnt even, just look for yourself hes just not...
Fixing Liquid
so you think he should be called up to play for liquid because fer called him a cheater in one online game? you are as retarded as having the echofox logo in your name suggests bro
Fixing Liquid
yes 3 decent games you fucking idiot look at his averages hes barely an average NA pro
Fixing Liquid
lmao wardell has 3 decent games vs noobs and u want him on liquid XDDDDD
NaVi out of EPL ?
? that was a long time before s1mple joined you idiot, they had been shit for ages before he joined dont be stupid
NaVi out of EPL ?
ye cus navi werent shit before s1mple joined XD LOOOOL