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My review of the Fnatic incident, as well as everything around it.
i loved Fnatic as an organisation for years, 1.6, CSS, Dota, WC3 team etc... etc... always a bunch of well mannered skilled players, especially, my personal experience was the Fnatic CSS squad with Pr...
LDLC vs HellRaisers
i think part of the reason why NBK wanted Ex6 out of titan is that he's got new ideas, and he wanted to be the IGL and build a team around that idea.
goodest team
A medal to you, u fucking cracked me up !!
Best clutcher on Cs:go
Natus Vincere vs
Why don't they do 10 boot camps and just 16-0 every one according to ur logic, hahaha, tks for the laugh, thou
Why is/has sweden nr1 in CS?
i heard it's sth to do with those Ikea tables the kids were playing games on from an early age...
Natus Vincere vs Epsilon
Fucking hate that stupid cunt.
Natus Vincere vs Clan-Mystik
exactly !! DONT RITE IF U CANT RITE TO ENGLISH, KID !! "dear English..."
NBDALE vs Legends
Wellplayed by Darklord, solid performance !
Fiflaren lan monster
haha so fucking true. Fucking idiots everywhere. "He wasn't needed lol It's pointless to see who frags more when you're winning easily". They were wining easily coz he made those fucking frags. Of...
You should restart ur brain thinking in a DO or DIE match where the opponent HAS already reach 15 round, they'd be cocky and SAVE STRATS THE LAST FEW ROUNDS AND GO HOME LOSING A CHANCE TO COMPETE FOR ...
Cocky .. ?? pushing down mid twice in row as Ct is cocky...?? some how i fucking doubt that on the DO or DIE game, GO HOME or PRORGRESS game, a chance of $250,000 or fucking NOTHING game, titan would ...
GuardiaN's squad vs oskar's squad
u probably used the word potential incorrectly here ;D. If Guardian speak Swedish, i'm pretty sure he'd be in on of those top team since the start, language barrier's always been his problem, i think.
staphhhhhh mannn... just ... staphh....
gotta completely agreed on this. iBP was doing some fucking amazing stuff even though aside from Shox and Ex6, the other 3 was quite questionable, especially nbk and scream. They shouldn't've lost las...