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My review of the Fnatic incident, as well as everything around it.
i loved Fnatic as an organisation for years, 1.6, CSS, Dota, WC3 team etc... etc... always a bunch of well mannered skilled players, especially, my personal experience was the Fnatic CSS squad with Pr...
goodest team
A medal to you, u fucking cracked me up !!
Best clutcher on Cs:go
Why is/has sweden nr1 in CS?
i heard it's sth to do with those Ikea tables the kids were playing games on from an early age...
Fiflaren lan monster
haha so fucking true. Fucking idiots everywhere. "He wasn't needed lol It's pointless to see who frags more when you're winning easily". They were wining easily coz he made those fucking frags. Of...
You should restart ur brain thinking in a DO or DIE match where the opponent HAS already reach 15 round, they'd be cocky and SAVE STRATS THE LAST FEW ROUNDS AND GO HOME LOSING A CHANCE TO COMPETE FOR ...
Cocky .. ?? pushing down mid twice in row as Ct is cocky...?? some how i fucking doubt that on the DO or DIE game, GO HOME or PRORGRESS game, a chance of $250,000 or fucking NOTHING game, titan would ...
staphhhhhh mannn... just ... staphh....
gotta completely agreed on this. iBP was doing some fucking amazing stuff even though aside from Shox and Ex6, the other 3 was quite questionable, especially nbk and scream. They shouldn't've lost las...
Tomáš "Oskar" Šťastný a scammer!
i don't really know why dota2 is getting bigger everyday...hmm...mayb because casual players care about skins and shit... hmm... now shut the fuck up and see the big picture. And ALSO, if someone abu...
Tomáš "Oskar" Šťastný a scammer!
i'm gonna just save me from trying to "reason" with u and just get straight to the point: you are a fucking stupid brainless cunt, you are helpless, now just enjoy being an useless twat for the rest o...
GeT_RiGhT shoved cameraman
Out of this list of 23, possibly, there were only 16 fucking good team, and i'm pretty sure that's the case, so your point is invalid.
Best saucers ever
lol, just bcause 10 years ago i could afford a comp that gives me sth better than throwing a can of coke as the grenade that damage ppl through fucking concrete, didn't necessarily mean i was bad at 1...
About ScreaM
Wat do most of the kids here see ? smart play like smithzz and sometimes sick aswell with great communication got overlooked with constant "-smithzz", it's embarassing. But well, u have to understand ...
About ScreaM
Because they are threads showing their appreciation regarding scream's aim ? and his hs % ? That doesn't mean they meant scream is a better player than shox and/or NBK, does it ? It's totally understa...