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ex6 mad at rpk
You think that to1nou and xms are great players ? Lol, sure, they got potential, but they're not close to even being a top T2 players. Well, did you take a look at supposed T2 teams ? They all have...
ex6 mad at rpk
"or dont u think the atmosphere in the team might be a bit fucked after the dedicated IGL who is known for nothing but IGLing gets told he isnt wanted as IGL anymore?" He took a break himself, so i...
ex6 mad at rpk
yeah, i totally agree with a random statement made without any evidence by a random pleb. Eh ? They actually played one or two events under shox's lead with Ex6 in the team, so it wasn't a big prob...
ex6 mad at rpk
Happy clearly got the better players, so if Ex6 somehow manages to do better in EPL, then Happy should fucking retire.
ex6 mad at rpk
Meh, there is only one reason why Ex6 got kicked over ShitZz - ShitZz is shox's buttfriend. I don't see any other reason, because while they're pretty close in terms of individual skill (both are bad)...
What's 6:2(1+2) ?
Did you even take a look at what LeeeO:9 wrote ? OP's expression actually looks like this - http://sketchtoy.com/67860466 . Now use distributive and you'll get 3x1 + 3x2 = 9. OP is clearly trolling th...
What's 6:2(1+2) ?
If the initial expression is 6 / (2 * (2 + 1)) then the answer is 1. If the initial expression is 6 / 2 * (2 + 1) then the answer is 9. OP wrote "6:2(1+2)" which equals to 6 / 2 * (2 + 1), so th...
i want igor macko's knife
School in russia
Dunno about Russia nowadays, but USSR had one of the best physics\maths schools. My opinion: if you ever get an offer to attend a decent (!) specialized (in maths & physics) school in Moscow \ Sai...
Na`Vi disrespectful
why did you create that topic then?
aizy 3 aimlocks in a row LOL
>retarded >hltv pick both
Stewie2k Caught?
Lmao, people still think that amount of hours that you spend in-game actually means something ? What really matters is how many hours did he spend playing against decent opponents, not playing against...
Top 20 players 2016: 8th