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Hottest female player
after this link you will lose all the doubts bloody is hot af
when I see that smth goes wrong with my haircut. Usually it is once a 2 month. Price is totally depends on a place. There are some cheap ones for 4 $ and some for more than 7. I usually spend about 7...
Evil Geniuses vs OG
Cant see any international rosters become to the top. No idea why but seems like only FaZe can compete in tier1. Other teams are just the stacks with awesome firepower but without team chemistry. Hope...
OG vs Natus Vincere
Can't see OG winning this
Gambit Youngsters vs spray'n'pray
Do u have any info about Tresh1k? Miss this toxic guy . Is he still streaming?
Make a roster
1st team: electronic s1mple ANGE1 somedieyoung Jame 2nd team: mir iDISBALANSE xsepower flamie Jerry as IGL
forZe vs
VP is totally depend on Jame. Cant see a chance for them to win when Jame misses so many shots. Seems like the VP tag has some pressure on him.
mousesports vs OG
Today the history will be started!
-Guardian +Who?
SH1RO or xse. Cant see any other options. Ofc Jame would be the best one but there is a tiny chance to sign him.
DreamEaters vs Syman
Ramz1k what a confident plays from him
forZe vs Winstrike
What the hell has happened to bondik after leaving HR? Everygame he bottomfrags and it seems like nothing going to be improved about his firepower. He used to be one of the best aimers among CIS but n...
Huge Potential Players
from CIS I'd choose iDISBALANSE, sdy and YEKINDAR. From EU - NatoSaphiX
Epsilon vs Spirit
the first win for spirit is coming
i guess your iq
Football: If we talk bout Russia is Zenit but if we talk bout the other world it is Man City CS:GO : HellRaisers NBA: dont watch it Bernardo Silva, Sardar Azmoun xyp9x no one
Spirit vs Nemiga
Cheering for Spirit guys. This line-up is so dope. For sure it will take some time to adapt to their new roles. Really hope sotfik will make a good team chemistry. They re potential top2 CIS team cos ...