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trying weed?
read it again, but this time with comprehension
trying weed?
dont you just belch and foam comes out? vs Orgless
I literally dont give a fuck if they are winning or loosing a sltv online match, especially if its vs shitties vs Orgless
Lmao all you morons talking about vp being shit cuz they loosing to some rabbits. You can see how much heart they put into the major, do you really think they even care? Imagine you loosing in a major...
First Map , do you remember yours ? when ?
but you probably have a gamesense of a rabbit
RAIN INSANE 1 VS 5 CLUTCH @ Dreamhack Cluj 2015
1vs5 on a major vs envy and that's the reaction of the casters? I used to like this duo but that was complete utter shit.
He did get a lot of eco frags. I saw two games of g2 vs mouz and vp, and in both cases he at least got 3 frags with p90 in eco rounds
Maybe give feedback why that is the case instead of giving a statement without any supporting arguments.
7 majors 3 drops from the first two
Perfect girl
I see reading with comprehension is not your best trait ;)
Perfect girl
Pretty face and great ass, then you have something to look at from both sides
Highest skill games
to master your aim , sure it's easy but to refine your gamensense and a deeper knowledge about the game requires years of playing.
I left the LIGHTS on
In the movie forum youtube links are automatically embedded, simply write the link to the video, e.g. ''.
Marihuana :D
no shit its 2 very different scenarios but with the same moral. you dont need to try something in order to have an opinion about it. if people tried everything in order to have an opinion we would liv...
Best cleaner program
cuz you are THE cleaner, you are obviously a moron for not understanding what i said