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hopefully u get better , bump cuz nice guy
karrigan's gf
notail had a rough year his gf left him and he got backstabbed by his teammates but that tweet was about his ex :))))
karrigan's gf
yeah he posted a song about cheating / somebody else's guy about his teammate LMAO ofc he was mad about fly and s4 but that tweet was aboujt his ex.
karrigan's gf
she is such gold digger , she was with n0tail a dota player , after he won ti8 look what he posted lmao
faze before they got niko offered him iirc
Bardolph and ddk...
anders is still the best caster but sadly ddk+black ddk > anders + moses as a duo
LIKE MingLee like but i think like we should like yes like 4Head like MingLee like idk how pala didnt laugh xDDDDDDD
Who has the best config
bind "x" "r_cleardecals" u can also use it like this : bind "shift" "+speed; r_cleardecals;" but its not really good sometimes while u are spraying a smoke and u walk u wont see the blood etc so u w...
Who has the best config
if you are gonna use some1 config while u dont want to use his binds / sensitivity why are u using it ?? doesnt make sense at all lmao , if u just want his xhair and res u can always copy that without...
Who has the best config
no1 uses a "pro config" maybe copy res/xhair but its useless to copy some1 config since they might play with different binds for instance f0rest ducks with shift and drops the gun with g , some player...
Nip Lekro
Signed up 2017-01-27 nt silver noob
Nip Lekro
xizt > golden but draken for lekr0 is really retarded lmao
FACEIT delay
:telephone_receiver: 4Head HELLO FACEIT :telephone_receiver: 4Head VALVE HERE :telephone_receiver: 4Head LAST MAJOR :telephone_receiver: 4Head
15€ Prize Pool Lodon Major Predictions
1. Device 2. NAF 3. w0xic 4. dupreeh 5. f0rest
ikarus vs xD
xD and autist PogChamp