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same man , i cant play and its random sometimes its not that annoying like happens in rounds only and sometimes its always and my sens feels so slow like im playing with 0.000000000001 sens
same here , fps so low like 90 on faceit and my mouse and keyboard has delay like i press d and it goes right after 1 sec my ping is 50 and my choke/loss 0% , my mouse also sometimes feels like im pla...
is a 17 y/o girl dating a 25 y/o man normal?
mmr is just a number DendiFace living trash DendiFace
cringe af
New Mouse
i had the same issue with 2 deathadders , never going to buy that shit again, my guess would be zowie ec2a or za12 , if you are low on money get rival 300 its really good for its price
your internet speed
3 hours ~ 800kbps/s 15$ a month
Good birthday to me
feliz cumpleaños
Ctrl + v
clearly you didnt understand what i said , if you go to steam support they will ask for the key as a proof of ownership of the account if you cant give them your cc etc
Ctrl + v
you should edit your comment asap because with this key any1 can get and retrieve your account
twistZZ gf mad v2 im dead rofl
twistZZ gf mad v2
i think its real if she was hacked she would post some retarded hack links or some dumb shits but she is talking to her friends etc and tbh sadly this is what the avarage csgo player looks like , if s...
twistZZ gf mad v2
how dumb a person can be for real ? calling out blade as a cheater when blade was a pro in 1.6 twistzz was still a baby , and calling markeloff washed up player lol if markeloff wants to be the best a...
faceit premium
you will get mentally ill teammates against 5 stack everytime
144hz vs 60hz reaction test
240hz monitor yes?
mouz G1i1Gn
from all arabic songs you choose a cringy one :thinking: so you didnt change axaxaxaxaxaxa