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BIG vs fnatic
HellRaisers vs AGO
3.21 rating Pog
Refereees WC 2018 Russia
if the foul is made in the line its not a pen its a normal foul and he didnt use the var he is the one who should use it not the 4th ref etc and he didnt even have clear vision or good position to cal...
Refereees WC 2018 Russia
1 mistake ? did you see the pen that belgium got ????????????? ref is so fcking retarded he didnt even use var and it wasnt a penality even if there was anything it would be a foul but then again what...
what about neymar ? you are talking shit about other countries when brazil played like idiots lmao
Eid Mubarak
eid mubarek guys :D
Shox and bodyy
BREXIT OMEGALUL silver 3 with 38 hours on csgo and 102 elo on faceit thinks he got it all lmao
Shox and bodyy
just answer me u stupid silver you think you know it all trashtalking a pro player on a forums thinking he would read it or people would think you are smart lmaoo , im 10000% sure u dont play cs and u...
Shox and bodyy
BREXIT OMEGALUL , whats ur mm rank ? silver 3 ?
Shox and bodyy
Signed up 2017-04-14 expected from a newfag
2 bo1 ----> semi-final
vg.j won against sk 16 1 yet they got trashed in the next 2 maps , in any game if you win both pistols and 4th rounds of the halves and manage your money its near to impossible to loss the map unless ...
same i really hope that vp win ti last time cis won ti , xboct was best carry 4Head OpieOP
i honestly dont think vp will win ti , they are prolly the best team rn with lgd , but its always the team who is dominating the whole year loss and play like trash on ti (everyone studying and knowin...
vp dota has won this year alone more than 1.5m $
taz was never the problem , he was part of the problem