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Having 2 waifus?
convert to islam so you can have 4 waifus my brother machallah
0.999.. = 1
Fnatic Golden WESG idk wtf u talking about , jw would have been kicked if it wasnt for flusha and thats why they left for godsent :)))))))
Fnatic Golden WESG
olof left fnatic mainly bcuz of jw and they always wanted to kick jw but flusha didnt want to and said he would leave if they do so , they wanted to get rain in 2015 2016 imagine if that happened PogC...
FaZe fix
+1 -olof he isnt bad but he simply cant play those support roles he is really terrible at lurking and obvious af and cant hold for shit even guardian came b and told him to go a
FaZe fix
-RobbaN +flusha
emilio: "demo after pls"
yes bcuz on close range its better to aim for the head and go for 1 taps :D
Natus Vincere vs fnatic
am I gay?
thanks but the question is do you fuck or get fucked by the guy ?
apologize to taz
+1 if u have the skills and u arent carrying the problem isnt with the team and if they are that bad just leave already like s1mple did with f3 ? u dont expect from taco to carry sk to win tournament ...
Kinguin vs VenatoreS
and where the fuck is patitek ?? he didnt play stop crying
North vs AGO
ikr but what i meant whats ur opinion on what happened and what u think really happened ?
North vs AGO
it doesnt make sense for k0nfig to get kicked why would he get kicked lmaooo the logical kick is cajunb or aizy , what u think happened ?
then its sad that after 19 years u are still clueless about cs but as i told you gl getting that 8 rws bruv or c- xd