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Ninjas in Boedo vs Isurus Gaming
complot i <3 u
f0rest get_right dosia scream pasha
Question about xhair
i feel the same dude, i'm using crosshairstyle 4... but it's not fully static. when i switch to pistol de xhair opens too much. i was using 640x480, then switched to 1024x768 and now i need a new ...
Messi World Record
messi is inmessionant
Messi or Ronaldinho?
L10 no reason to doubt
why brazil is so low in cs ?
you don't have idea what is to travel 800 miles to play a u$$ 400 lan tournament.. you spend a lot more than what you could ever earn. only 2-3 teams reach a sponsor. south america needs more sponsor...
why brazil is so low in cs ?
brazil low at cs? there is only one HUUUUUGE diference between beeing a gamer in south america and beeing a gamer in europe. the diference is. in europe u pick a train. in a few hour you go thro...
top10 css players?
totally agree with your list. maybe adding regnam .php or scream instead friberg and steel
markeloff vs kennyS
1. markeloff 2. rattlesnk 3. guardian 4. kennys kennys miss a lot of shots to get one kill. he uses the awp like a machinegun. markeloff = 1 shot 1 kill
Csgo Best Rezolution
i use 640x480 windowed noborder... but flashbangs last too long on windowed mode or am i paranoian? the only way i have 120hz on this crt monitor is putting 120hz on desktop and playing windowed :S ...
Lance Armstrong confession
i came here thinking about neil armstron saying he never landed in the moon lol
i have a temporal the same problem with an ati videocard... a solution is install powerstrip and make a 800-600 @120hz resolution... and a normal with 1024 or whatever u want for desktop. when u are...
How can I improve?
you need to watch some demos of pro players covering a site. then when u play some mix/pcw go to the position you watch and try to cover that pos.. deatmatch, and watch the same demo 2-3 times to lear...
Post your CS:GO hours !
54.4 hrs / 295.8 hrs
your sound card configuration pls.
i got settings this way steelseries icemat 7.1 + ss 4H