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wasted talents
UEFA EURO 2016 prediction !!!
I will go all in Portugal just because of Fernando Santos, easy 1-0 everyone.
MeMyself&I vs Nativ
Your most beloved 1994 / 2000 game
AGE OF EMPIRES 2 One of the most legendary games of all time in terms of quality and innovation.
Best scout players
Guardian ?
Here in Greece if you make more than 30.000 annually you pay 50% to the state...... go figure why we have such high corruption rate.
I only used tec9 and 57 until global so I could drop weapons for teammates AMA
Used to do it as well but with CZ back when it was beast (jw cz era), a viable tactic indeed.
NiP vs fnatic
apparently fnatic won the game, according to stats and rumors.
Escape vs LDLC
thx for the info, still think Ex6 will manage the 2-0 since he survived that nice comeback.
Escape vs LDLC
what happens if it ends up 1-1 ? (bet wise)
Name 1 thing your country invented
Most people don't know it but pizza was also invented by the Greeks back in the days they used to cover bread with oils and cheese and that is referred as the very first pizza on earth.
Macedonia is de besterest
Macedonia Listeni/ˌmæsᵻˈdoʊniə/ is a geographical and historical region of the Balkan peninsula in southeastern Europe. Its boundaries have changed considerably over time, ho...
Name 1 thing your country invented
Greece: -Analog computers 150 BC -Automatic doors 1st century AD to name a few interesting ones.
you mean from matchmaking?