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Very true.
Yea that could be a pretty cool. As you implied the running and gunning in this game has been quite ridiculous so it's good that they've started taking actions in adjusting it.
True but as you said it's hard to play with so if you get it wrong it'll really punish you. Personally I don't think it needs a patch damage-wise but they could possible look into midrange spam.
Hopefully it's on its way seeing most pistols have been reworked.
f0rest is the perfect CS player
Snax stronk.
Optic 5th
Idk.. they have 2 awpers but Mixwell is a hell of a rifler aswell and it opens up the option of doubleawp.
Optic 5th
I wouldn't mind them keeping him tbh, he's a good player, but they might want to grab an IGL tbh, unless they find a different solution.
Dream job?
Me too. English and/or music specifically. I'd like to teach an age of people that actually gives a fuck though seeing english and music isn't common favourite subjects among casual students.
144Hz users come here!
100 ping come here
Around 70+ ping is where I usually felt a significant difference. I don't have that problem anymore but I feel your pain.
Dennis :((
Nah brazil is fine, I like their players.
Dennis :((
I love Dennis too and I think he's amazing when he's playing well. Fnatic simply needed a change though cause the consistency among the players and in the team in general simply wasn't there, at all. ...
at work xD
Just finished work xDDDD
FaZe roles
I reckon roles will be very lose in FaZe. Karrigan simply needs to figure out a tempo that'll allow his extremely good players to do as much damage as possible. I'm sure they'll fall into roles in ter...