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Pixel 2 XL pure android + best camera on a smartphone.
shox/ScreaM/kennyS vs ZywOo/apEX/RpK
probably wont do anything untill after ESL NY in 10 days. If they go out in groups there I definitely see a possibility for a +ScreaM.
shox/ScreaM/kennyS vs ZywOo/apEX/RpK
you already have seen it
shox/ScreaM/kennyS vs ZywOo/apEX/RpK
top9 player 2016 :( he can be a beast
shox/ScreaM/kennyS vs ZywOo/apEX/RpK
nah dAT top1
Top 10 countrys
Oh I actually agree with that
Top 10 countrys
1. Norway 2. Switzerland 3. Denmark 4. Iceland 5. Canada 6. Finland 7. Sweden 8. Australia 9. Netherlands 10. UK
G2 + ScreaM
Would be amazing if we could have: 2016 shox+ScreaM combo backed up by carryS with an actual system backed up by SmithZz+Ex6TenZ,
French lineups
G2 is the perfect french team, they just need to add ScreaM instead of SmithZz or bodyy. As ScreaM said in his flickshot interview, this Vitality roster wont work because of the players personalities...
ScreaM interview Flickshot
Ex6 and kennyS talked about him in a G2 interview before the major. Seems like they think he is very skilled, but are skeptical about him in a pro team environment
New G2 Lineup
kennyS, shox, Ex6, ScreaM etc have 0 faith in ZywOo in a pro team environment
ScreaM interview Flickshot
They have the right players to succeed as a team, but they maybe lacking firepower, as in players that is expected to frag more.
ScreaM interview Flickshot
Interesting read. I hope he gets his chance in G2.
Lets go back to having no igl, great idea.
g2 solution
I love all the G2 players atm, and maybe the team just needs more time. But I would love to just see shox+ScreaM combo back together again. Especially since now they can be backed up by carryS