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Huawei P20 Pro
huawei software is dogshit tbh. If you are used to iOS, and wanna try android I'd rather go for something more fluid, like a pixel or oneplus.
GuardiaN vs kennyS vs FalleN vs oskar vs dev1ce
Shit team with Happy Why Happy over ScreaM & k1o?????
hopw to gain height?
I bet your 165cm, fat lonely nerd sitting on your computer 24/7 fapping to new Selena Gomez music videos. Why dont you just do us all a favor, and get off the internet.
top 5 players on ur country
1. kennyS 2. shox 3. apEX 4. bodyy 5. RpK
best DUOs ?
shox & ScreaM >>>>>>>>>>>>>> all
G2 ScreaM
I think there is a possibility he'll go to G2 if they dont do well at the major. I could easily see either SmithZz or most likely bodyy being dropped for him.
+10000000 on the niko/s1mple thing
Hate her, worst caster to ever cast a t1 event Gtfo pansy, my ears gets cancer from listening to you
What animal is top1 in fight?
Neither can him
What animal is top1 in fight?
you would get rekt by a zebra
What animal is top1 in fight?
well yeah, but if it was in water, a crocodile or shark would rekt, but if on land, they wouldn't stand a chance, so I dunno how the rules would take care of that
What animal is top1 in fight?
couldn't a rhino stab it to death with it's horn? I mean, how is an elephant gonna kill an almost equally sized rhino?
What animal is top1 in fight?
lol humans in that situation wouldn't stand a chance.
What animal is top1 in fight?
but elephant can stomp on the crocodile