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kennyS vs fer ?
Are you retardlele? kennyS has been carrying every team he's been on
kennyS vs fer ?
Lol kennyS is a hard carry, best awper in the world. Fer is an ant compared to kenny
French CS could be GREAT!
hmm, looks good tbh
Most toxic pros??
shox is god, ex6tenz is god, they are one. one can not betray itself.
new phone
Pixel 2 XL had samsung phones, iphones, oneplus, huawei and LG, but the pixel is the best phone ive ever tried. - Still best camera on a smart phone - Great battery life, 1-2 days - Fast direct upda...
new phone
Most toxic pros??
"he loves to destroy teams" you mean that shit team G2 that didnt win a play off game in 6 months? SHAME ON HIM FOR TRYING TO MAKE THE TEAM ABLE TO WIN, HOW DARE HE
Most toxic pros??
Crappy cUntfig kioShitMa p1mple Tomatob0Y
demise vs Kingpins
Get this trash of the live feed
Top 10 IGL of all time CS:GO !
1. Ex6TenZ 2. FalleN 3. gla1ve 4. Karrigan 5. Zeus 6. Pronax 7. Sgares 8. Gob b 9. ChrisJ 10. Stanislaw
You mean 7mm in terms of thickness?
Pixel 2 XL - amazing battery life (1/2 days with heavy use) - still has the best camera on a phone - butter smooth OS, nothing runs smoother - fast updates The screen issues are waaaay overblown. I ...
New G2
IT IS NOT A DONE DEAL YET. and bodyy > ScreaM, ZywOo
G2 ffs
bodyy was an entry fragger in LDLC white, and actually can play an entry role. So can Ex6TenZ.
so -nbk -apex +ex6 +smithzz
>Get apEX, kennyS, NBK, shox on a team -> that team fails completely, everyone hates on them. >Get supportive players and a great IGL -> Gets hate before they have even played a single match. I swe...