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fnatic fix
maybe, or maybe it's just Faze not taking online games very seriously
fnatic fix
only being eliminated by Faze (2/3x) and SK (major) on LAN is not sucking dick
10 city in world to visit
Just visit any place that you are interested in, or with people or an event you want to visit. Keep in mind that even small and little known places can give you great experiences. It's alright to drea...
Fnatic is back?
They've been pretty good for a while. Last two tournaments they were eliminated by Faze. I predict Faze will beat them again in the 1st round of playoffs. :)
Most attractive race?
Haha. I guess it's part of the reason, but also their face/hair/body. I don't feel much for albino "black" women either.
Most attractive race?
My preference for women as a white man Tier1 Western Europe Eastern Europe Scandinavia CIS East Asia (Korea, Japan, China) Tier 2 Central and South America Tier 3 Middle East South Asia (Vietnam, T...
Weed or alcohol?
I'm curious about MDMA. When I read about the effects, it seems like a feeling I've sometimes had on magic mushroom trips, one of euphoria and feeling love for everything, where you could feel connect...
TBH I'd eat more vegan/vegetarian if there were more microwave-ready meals available. I'm a single guy, and I really don't want to cook for myself every day, max 2-3 times a week. Local businesses tha...
Nicest country?
Cool, South Korea appeals more to me too. I also haven't been there yet, and want to go in the future. I did take a guided tour in the North, and I'm trying to learn some Korean since two months. The ...
Nicest country?
Have you visited both countries? Where would you prefer living, if you knew the language? I've heard that Koreans are friendlier towards foreigners in general.
Let me rate your favorite historical figure
The great leader, president Kim Il Sung
Never watched GoT AMA
Honestly before watching, the theme didn't appeal to me either. But I do recommend you watch an episode or two!
Never watched GoT AMA
Lucky you, it happens to be cool to hate GoT nowadays, especially if you haven't even watched a single episode. You're so cool m8!
LotR vs GoT
Agree, much more realistic characters makes GoT better for me. Also a great story with surprising and brutal twists in it. Compared to GoT, LoTR is much more of a kids story.
LotR vs GoT
Sauron is the most boring villain. But I remember a night king flick.