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The Little Death (2014) Honestly don't think I've seen any good comedies after 2014 :S
game of thrones lol
1/10 for me. Do yourself a favor and don't watch it. I'm not going to watch the final episode anymore. They ruined pretty much every subplot already anyway. There's no wow-moments, just a lot facepalm...
game of thrones lol
You don't know what you're talking about. The first seasons more or less followed the books, and those were written by a great writer. THAT's the reason the show is so big. Not because of some nicely ...
Game of Thrones
Agree 100%. The first seasons seemed to build up to something epic, but the last seasons, and this one especially, seem like they were written by a 5-year old.. WT-actual-F?
Liquid pathetic
Must be so frustrating to be a Liquid fan. They are good but it seems like any top10 team would beat them in the finals.
Your phone?
It's a great phone, even today. In 2018 there was not a single new Android phone with this always-on OLED screen + waterproof + fingerprint reader. That's why I got it :)
-smooya +keev
Cool, he made his arms thick. I guess he copied nex's workout.
Wheel older than walls :D (Trump is dumb)
I'm just saying if wooden wheels were used before any wall, we probably wouldn't know. Maybe think for yourself once in a while instead of "googling for truth". And if you think everything about our a...
Wheel older than walls :D (Trump is dumb)
Sorry, but you're both kind of stupid. Your encyclopedia may say that older walls than wheels have been found by archeologists, sure. However naturally a (wooden) wheel perishes a lot quicker than a s...
Guardian > krimz, coldzera
Guardian didn't achieve much this year either. Cold and krimz were better.