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Richard Lewis admits to hookers
I lost mine to a hooker at 21 and agree it's kind of embarrassing. Especially because I hate lying and for some reason people always want to know about your first time :). Nevertheless I don't regret ...
IS SMIX A 10/10?
She's absolutely beautiful but I'm biased towards (half-)Koreans
most overrated country?
Nah I agree that TV probably doesn't paint the full picture. It's still fun to watch regardless :)
most overrated country?
I watch a lot of K drama and TV since I'm learning Korean. I can see plenty of unhappiness, corruption and overworking in that :P. But racism not really. What I think is a bit strange in a lot of K dr...
fnatic fix?
- draken - xizt + olof + pronax but actually they should try the current lineup for a few months first
Cloud9 vs fnatic
Golden entryfragging facepalm
Prison Break
Prison Break
Totally agree man, season 3 was actually pretty good, 5 just sucked balls, I stopped watching.
kpop grills
I wonder, are there any big groups that write their own music?
kpop grills
sure if you want to be a genre nazi :)
kpop grills
they're hot but I dislike most of their songs, being too cheesy this is better
kpop grills
favorite eminem song?
The Real Slim Shady
stop praising fiffy
Yes he got carried, but you need to let go of your jealousy. Can't you just be happy for him? Everybody already knows he was the worst player in a pro team ever. There's no need to keep bringing it up...
Teir1, teir2 teams
Tier 1 is actually very wide right now. I'd say all of these teams except NiP and North.