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Have you ever used cheats?
Nah, only retards use cheats.
JAVA or C++?
If you're looking for a job in programming, go for C# or Java. If you want full control and write everything yourself, go C++ or even C. There are some toolkits and frameworks that make things easi...
Shave balls? [18+]
Every couple of weeks I use a beard trimmer on my armpits, pubes and hair around the nipples. Supposedly a "body trimmer" is safer but I've never cut myself. I'm using the 5mm setting.
[18+] r8 this GRILL <3
I'd like to see her fuck another girl tbh
[18+] Alison Tyler help and pay for it
No but seriously he should just turn his volume down a little.
I don't really mind Semmler at all. Except for his voice. If we'd have a stream without his voice that would just be fucking perfect.
Mentally you can get addicted for sure. Not having physical withdrawal symptoms doesn't mean you aren't addicted. You can get addicted to almost anything.
Porn kind of, but it's better now than how it used to be. I can take a few days without watching but then sometimes spend hours or even half a day of catching up.
S1mple is one of the most overrated players ever .
It's not as crazy as it sounds. Experiments have shown that human consciousness can influence random number generators. Sadly most scientists prefer to stick their heads in the sand in support of epip...
Favorite drugs
Magic mushrooms/truffles so far. I'd like to try DMT some time. I've currently got no interest in party drugs.
3 orgs and players that you wish to see back in CS
Nice, I was going to post php & angeldust. Don't really care about orgs.
dust 2 being removed
Dust2 is the best map by far in CS history. The only valid reason to hate it is because it's played so much. But I don't really care if Valve removes it from competition for a while.
I think you might return to a higher consciousness, like waking up from a dream. Then you may choose a new life or do whatever the fuck you want.
G2 overrated?
depends by who, they aren't top2 or top3 for sure but probably top5-8