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another gamebreak update, smoke sound... specially on this game, with horrible sound itself ............... last bullets literrraly breakup your ears. thx valve everyday you gimme reasons to stop ...
ScreaM is the best player in the world
He will wipe the floor with that noob kiddo NiKo and the rest of mousesports. ScreaM is a world class player and he is in fact the best player in the world. You can't disagree with me because ScreaM's...
Yee_lmao1 Identity
He's the hero CS deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll hunt him. Because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A Yee Lmao1 ! RISE...
Burger Logic
I can buy gun from everywhere and kill 50 people but i can't get in their country because i visited Iran in last 5 years XD
AMD x4 860k processor
30 minutes is very little, like i said it took me atleast 2 or 3 hours of nice read to understand all concepts and from there just go slow, vrm are like the coolers but fro motherboard, ( noob exp...
AMD x4 860k processor
in my opinion, but this is known... there is some situations where you gonna miss some fps for best performance in-game, i got friend with high-end specs and dude.. well smooth experience, but my proc...
AMD x4 860k processor
i use aida for temps and not even belive, but you can see in the bios, believe in me ... this processor easy oc, EASY AS FUCK....... I was betwen hyper 212 and raijintek after reeead some nice revi...
AMD x4 860k processor
i own your same processor, dude... buy a raijintek themis evo ... other world... ive oced myself to 4.3 and not even a fucking problem ... 200-250 fps 5v5, with a sniper 88x giga motherboard...
Kjaerby pronounciation
blocked by Buyaka AND FALLEN on twitter lolol
wow true falleN exposed !!!!!@
I'm starting my own ESports Organization. I need level headed and dedicated members to join me as my staff. Since I am only 16 I don't currently have the funds to start up or run the organization so I...
[CSS] JackFrags II
right, even source vids look better than go ones :/
SS kinzu accel. problem fixed? Try this!
steelseries :S.. aceleration and new top gamers, cant stop laught about this marketing shit,
Sensei RAW
solid mice Microsoft 3.0 1.1 Deathadder Zowie EC2 eVo Zowie AM Zowie FK Logitech G400 Roccat Savu Roccat Lua CM Storm Spawn I miss some but in this list you find all different grips,size...
Sensei RAW
oh my god, the sensor himself has aceleration, you must deal with it, cant remove it via software, mousefix, etc its the fucking sensor. read some nice review in and you will unders...