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Cloud9 vs NRG
Does anyone know who picks first map? How can I find the veto rules?
eXtatus vs pro100
When is it being played?
SK still #1
Playing Ducks vs VeritasAequitas
Playing Ducks vs VeritasAequitas
lel, totally mixed them up. Thanks for calling me an absolute retard karL$$oNv^
Playing Ducks vs VeritasAequitas
How can zende play for two teams in the same league? Played for crowns earlier and now evision, didnt know you could play for two teams on esea during the same season ._.
Tricked vs LDLC
lol, looks like atlanta hawks' (NBA team) logo
do you removed your wisdom tooth?
Where am I gonna get my wisdom from if I remove em?
Liquid vs Tempo Storm
Love the fact that their ingame leader calls a fast A take/A rush when they just won a round and shazham has an awp...reasoning behind that call? NA cs is funny.
fer vs shroud
its* Dags att tagga ner lite hybrispojken.
Fraternitas vs LGB
So styko left, now hes most likely back in the team replacing Uno? Sorry, I dont follow the czech/slovak scene, please inform us a bit more if you can. Thanks.
CEVO Casters...
The guy casting with dust has about as much knowledge about cs as that of a fucking plant. And whats up with the fucking jacket in your own home while casting? and also...stop being so frickin' bi...