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Singularity vs Virtus.pro
Virtus* - my bad for the mis-spelling Yeah...Virtus Pro struggled in MDL and didn't qualify for EPL. They're not even placing top 3 or top 5 for that matter in many "big" events.
Singularity vs Virtus.pro
Lmao...Virtus Pro lost to an NA MDL team. Singularity is a great team, don't get me wrong, but how does Vritus Pro fall this low? They fell from Tier 1 to Tier 2 in 1 or 2 years, which is sad to see.
mousesports vs Liquid
Feelsbadman...Liquid choked so hard on dust2 lol
G2 ScreaM soon
NA + Faroe Islands #1 (Unless you're fakeflagging) :p
G2 ScreaM soon
Let's join G2 since SmithZZ is on there, so can we. How much worse can it get with us amirite?
G2 ScreaM soon
:( feelsbadman
G2 ScreaM soon
Disbanding is getting "somewhere" <3
G2 ScreaM soon
I'm not saying it's a valid reason to keep a bot on a team, but sometimes being nice gets you places :^) Virtus Pro is a perfect example. They kept TaZ, pasha, and neo for all this time and only let ...
HAVU vs Epsilon
I thought djL was playing with his brother on Maikele's and pronax's team?
G2 ScreaM soon
He's a nice guy maybe? Don't you know that everybody likes nice guys? :)
Build team, same first letter in all nick
I'd be fine with STYKO, but keep shinobi out of it LOL. I don't have anything against him personally, it's just that he can't keep up with anything past like, ESEA Main or Advanced. Maybe he can "come...
Build team, same first letter in all nick
- Summer + s1mple That leaves them at a 4 man roster :3 You can't have more than 2 superstars on a team because then everybody is going to want to go for the kills and "glory". That's why I let s1mp...
Build team, same first letter in all nick
seized in 2018? I think he was only relevant up until 2016 lol. s1mple Summer Stewie2k stanislaw ShahzaM
Rate my 700€ PC
I feel like you should've gone with a better PSU. It gives power to all of your PC components, so should something just demand more power for a split second for some odd reason, your whole computer co...
TYLOO vs Renegades
Renegades' lucky number is 10; they've gone out of the Major qualifier, losing their most recent 2 matches with 10 rounds each.