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Natus Vincere vs ENCE
On a side note, who is the Finnish player with a name similar to Jamppi? I always forget and often confuse the two lol.
Natus Vincere vs ENCE
Poor s1mple lol
1WIN vs Syman
Fair enough in regards to starix being on part with most t2-t3 igls in terms of fragging. However, Syman is considered a t2 team, are they not? It'd be a bit surprising to me if they lost to ESEA Open...
fnatic vs FaZe
Wow, Bymas isn't doing bad against a Tier 1 team, given, that this is only 1 bo3 series. I hope he continues to do good and impress FaZe, eventually replacing Olof. Olof is good, but I want to see FaZ...
1WIN vs Syman
Imagine losing to a team with starix on it lol. Everybody else on 1WIN is okay, but starix hasn't done well any of the previous times he has tried to make a comeback to CSGO.
Chaos vs Recon 5
I think Voltage isn't as good as he used to be when he was on a team with Grim, Snakes, and a couple of other guys whose names I can't remember. That was a nutty roster back then, but they broke up af...
twistzz's aim
Exactly this. Some people are just more talented than others. This applies to anyone and anything, not just twistzz in CSGO.
I just hope steel can find a consistent roster on Chaos and make it to EPL next season.
fnatic vs Movistar Riders
Ever since Fnatic reached the #1 rank in HLTV.org, their performance has gotten worse to the point where they dropped down to #2 lol. What's going on?
Cloud9 vs Liquid
Damn, Liquid really dropped the ball here. They should not be struggling this much against Cloud9. Has every pro CSGO player in NA been playing Valorant? It seems like nobody's really practicing on CS...
Liquid vs Envy
What the hell happened here? This is very disappointing...
Liquid vs Evil Geniuses
Damn lol, EG flopped today. Yesterday, cerq was doing great and Brehze was doing bad, but today the tables turned. I expected Liquid to win, but I thought EG would have at least taken 1 map or make th...
This. NiKo is IGLing when he should focus on fragging. FaZe has always cycled through IGLs after they cut karrigan.
Singularity vs Mustang Crew
X GOD will prevail that is why. For real though, I'm interested to see him play again, that's all it really is lol.