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What an ignorant response lol People don't get to control having both parents or not; divorce, cancer, etc. --- not controllable by any child And you think you're 100% right when you're not ...
Everybody just got baited by OP
Or NRG can leave their roster as is since they're doing fine and wait a few more months to see if their results improve or not.
Liquid vs fnatic
At least 1 NA team can beat fnatic lol. I'm sad Cloud9 got wrecked by Fnatic, but I expected it.
Muscle cars
You can't have better taste than someone lol. Taste, aka opinion, is something everybody has the right to have and is not an "end all be all" idea / thought. You're ignorant for calling someone else'...
Fuck this im out
People who take matchmaking seriously have lost their way. FaceIt is free, albeit a lot of free users have new Steam accounts and low hours. 128 tick servers, an anti-cheat that works just as good or ...
-FNS +?
I don't know anything about Wolfy; however, I do know that Devilwalk's teams keep failing within 1-3 months , so I think he should just go back to coaching haha. Moose wouldn't be bad, but I think th...
-FNS +?
Neptune is out of the question unless C9 want to use a stand-in until he turns 16. You have to be 16+ to play in MDL and Pro League I think, but I could be wrong about the Pro League part. I honestly...
-FNS +?
No particular reason; just saying that since it's worth noting that all of the roster changes that C9 have made so far up until this point in time have been NA players. Rickeh is definitely not a bad...
-FNS +?
C9 probably want to keep an all NA lineup
rpk and happy kicked
OMEGALUL Feelsbadman for whoever is stuck playing with SIXER
RATE £1000 PC
Oh yeah, I forgot he only has 2400MHz RAM. He should probably go for 3000+ MHz RAM then haha.
RATE £1000 PC
You honestly do not need an aftermarket cooler; the stock AMD coolers are good enough. You can do mild overclocks with them too. That would save you about 25 to 30 pounds, which could be put towards a...
NTC in 2010
fnx before he became a ladies man ayy