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Evil Geniuses vs Endpoint
This is really disappointing - to see EG perform this poorly.
Liquid vs Virtus.pro
Damn, Elige really had to carry lol.
Sinners vs TeamOne
Damn, I thought TeamOne would've at least taken 1 map if not win the bo3.
Nordavind Talent vs Wizard
Nordavind have a "B Squad"? Shouldn't any organization focus on having a good primary squad first lol.
EPL-13 group c is a joke
How did Group C end up with all 3 of the Brazilian teams? The groups could've been more diversified at the very least lol.
Who is signing HEN1 team?
TSM, Envy, and Secret likely will not sign this team. Why? All three organizations let go of their CSGO teams within the past 6 or so months, maybe even a little longer ago. They don't have the funds ...
paiN vs Rebirth
What happened to phantom?
Evil Geniuses vs FunPlus Phoenix
Damn, EG is getting shut down lol.
Evil Geniuses vs Liquid
This is how it should be. Liquid are better than EG overall.
r34 - supra - evo
I didn't mean to put it in a bad way haha.
r34 - supra - evo
R34 is for cool fathers. "Sorry my sons, only one of you can ride with me."
r34 - supra - evo
I'm 26 and I love 4-doors haha. More space for stuff if I have to pick up car parts or computer parts. I can also fit more people. AWD means I can have some peace of mind and fun in the snow.
r34 - supra - evo
For a daily though, I'd definitely have to go with an R34 or EVO. The Supra is more of a "track" car or just drive it during the summer.
r34 - supra - evo
R34 > Supra > EVO They all have different use cases. I got hooked to the R34 because of Paul Walker / 2 Fast 2 Furious and started liking Supras and EVOs after I watched Initial D and a ton of YouTub...
flusha, sunny & autimatic making new mix
Flush, suNny, and autimatic would make a sick team. I'd really love to see this happen. The last 2 players could be anyone I suppose. I guess I wouldn't mind seeing Lobanjica on the team since he seem...