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BIG vs fnatic
Lol, Golden did the best this time and fnatic lost. Well, fnatic also lose when he does the worst so I guess it doesn't make much of a difference. What a shame, I honestly thought fnatic were better t...
Wow lol, what happened to G2? If hunter and nexa don't hard carry, they lose most of the time.
FaZe vs NiP
Honestly, FaZe never fail to disappoint you.
FURIA vs 100 Thieves
Wow, not too bad. Aside from vertigo, 100T didn't do too shabby. They won 1 map and had 2 close losses.
Espada vs K23
What has K23 turned into? This is so disappointing...
Things just keep getting worse for FaZe, Is there any way to fix this team? Like god damn...all this money for a "star studded" roster that can't perform 99% of the time.
Vitality vs fnatic
Holy crap...ZyWoO needs to see a chiropractor. His back has to hurt from this lmao.
Well damn, just have all of the good Brazilian teams move to NA if it's safe and reasonable. I think some outside competition will push NA teams to step up their game.
Right - I totally forgot about BOOM.
I hope Team One can become as good as FURIA. With MIBR being a huge disappointment, Brazil needs some more teams that will be able to put them back at the top.
New England Whalers vs TeamOne
Damn, I thought New England Whalers were going to close out map 1. Better luck next time - they played good tonight, but I know they can do better. Pwnalone's AWP was absent tonight I think, but that ...
Astralis vs Heroic
Damn, it looks like Heroic just couldn't close it out. At least cadiaN had a great performance I guess lol. I knew he was good, but I didn't think he could be THIS good.
es3tag 2mil $
$700,000.00 USD per year...wow that's a lot lol. I hope ALEX unlocks es3tag's potential.
G2 vs Endpoint
Imagine struggling against a Tier 2 team...
fnatic vs OG
This was to be expected.