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Hallo Astralis
Are you from Norway?
GGWP to mouz for actually showing up on Inferno. Actually would have wished to have closer map score on dust2 and cache but apparently Astralis is just to good at the moment.
best event?
I find that good actually. Makes me get up earlier and get more done during the day. What I hate the most are the NA times in the middle of the night. EU Matches at 16:00 UTC+1 is sometimes difficult ...
best event?
Can agree on the time schedule. As for matches and crowd I cannot agree. Far better experience in Sweden/Denmark/Poland/ESL Cologne
best f2p
pro tip: get airplanes fast and place airport close to bigger cities. Airplanes are where the big money is! :D
best f2p
OpenTTD It is a great game to chill and relax with. Basically it is an open source simulator based on the classic game Transport Tycoon Deluxe. Can run on any pc with no problems. Heroes and Generals...
Astralis TOP5??? WTF
why would you put C9 in top5 lol?
Astralis TOP5??? WTF
why do you hate glaive? :O
top 3 IGLs 2018
glaive > Snappi
SK Fans come here
Hehe yeah just do that. It was so exciting I would like to see it played out again :) GGWP SK played really well
Virtus Pro...
SK Fans come here
Coldzera alt+tabbed in last round. Restart round pls admins
Southern European CS
a lot of people play COD in Spain? Is it Xbox or PS4 that has market share? 50/50 or 40/60 share?
Southern European CS
You spend more time outside = not in front of computer. In Denmark/Sweden/Norway/Finland the majority of young people stay inside in winter and play video games.
Southern European CS
I would think that the weather plays a major part in why there are no pro teams from Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal. But why does the UK not have a pro team then? The weather is really bad in the UK a...