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120 vs 144hz
uh, no it isn't?
DK/EU PC build
That's doable, better than spending more money in a new one. The one that I'm talking is this one (Power-Play Infinity),12.6066033,1...
DK/EU PC build
Nop never heard about it, I'm guessing from your hltv profile that you work on a start-up. I work in a big danish bank over here. Yeah, I still play CS, bought one desktop after a month here, the c...
DK/EU PC build
Can you stop copying me please ahah? I also work in a basically english only environment because we have a team of guys from different sides of the world, although there are plenty of danes here. ...
DK/EU PC build
Yap, I am a software developer. I am lucky that my company provides in-house danish lessons on working hours, so I don't have to worry to register for external classes / use my spare time.
DK/EU PC build
Exactly like me, started in June too, got some lessons on danish too, although I still can't figure out anything when people are speaking.
DK/EU PC build
Yeah kinda, although I went back in August to Portugal for 1 week, so I enjoyed at least one week of real summer ahah. The worst was really during July here in Copenhagen, everyday raining, and not...
DK/EU PC build
wrong reply :|
DK/EU PC build
I moved myself a couple months ago, besides the horrible summer weather on July it is quite nice to live here. Don't know why one wouldn't like to live in this country. Maybe because of the higher ...
DK/EU PC build
it isn't big, been there a few weeks ago, to have a look around, and it is just the ground floor. better off going to elgiganten, basically the same products.
insane fps drops
i have the same specs, but with a 4GB GTX960 instead of 2GB, and i don't have that kind of drops, pretty stable.
HLTV API? I think its time!
A way to people get stats and other useful information from hltv with ease. (The most ELI5 i could create)
O'Porto Portugal
No, Portugal is a really calm place in most of the places, don't worry about that.
O'Porto Portugal
Yeah, it's a beautiful city, you will enjoy your time there. You can visit Braga or Guimarães too, maybe even Coimbra, that aren't far away from Porto by train (you can reach them within like 1 hou...
Global Elite without expensive skins
how much u take for an account normally? just ....for ..............guys, ...................not ......................because .................