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vp not going to spodek
4 bo1's still left. Crawl back to your cave.
Xyp9x clutch
Powerful argument m8.
Xyp9x clutch 1on1 basically the same 1on2 Snax better 1on3 Xypex better 1on4 Snax better 1on5 Snax better Nice try though.
Neo will retire maybe? no please
They were rivals back then. In 2004 their teams mixed in order to make best polish team possible.
Next Major Champion
VP wins everything on American soil. 1 ESEA, 2x CEVO, eLEAGUE. Hope they can deliver this time as well. It will probably comes down to them and SK.
VP still need changes
VP still need changes
Snax is the best sniper in Poland atm.
He hasn't even won a small one.
top5 NOW
If byali isnt in the top 20
Yeaaaaah, hahaha! Second worst player in VP... Condisering that taz has been IGL for whole year you could argue that he was even worse than taz. :] Not even close to top 20. The only player who is lef...
TOP 10 2015 by Thorin
It's not for whole year. Learn to read. This is his usual 3 months based ranking. No way navi is above ex-tsm and vp if whole year was counted.
Top10 Teams and Top20 Players in 2015
Reasons why navi is above vp? It's whole year, not last 3 months. In whole year VP was clearly better and won more tournaments.
Na'vi to become top 3
Significant lans that were won by navi? Also in terms of this particular match-up Im pretty sure vp won much more matches on lan vs navi. So nice try Putin.
Pasha playing football
He is good actually. :)
TOP10 Wasted Talents (thoughts?)
Michu>>>>half of the players you mentioned.