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Forum posts vs Nemiga
It's a completely different lineup, so what're u talking about? U mean that as an organisation should have disbanded? Lol
Toao is not that bad. As for a igl he is pretty good actually. So the question is: HOW MUCH M8??? XD vs Izako Boars
Izak is the nickname of this org founder.
OpTic vs
Vp plays like it's 2013. It's not.
Snax to mousesports=bullshit
U know shit about snax then. He used to be star player, rifler, awper, igl, support. Basically everything depending on what the team needed. He was at his best though when he was star rifler with a lo...
Snax to mousesports=bullshit
Maybe that's true. Snax is so experienced that he could play all roles tbh though.
Snax to mousesports=bullshit
Maybe because he used to be one of the best players in the world for a few years? Styko on the other hand's never been even close to top 20 XD. In much better team like mouz, Snax can shine again.
Cloud9 vs
EVERY anti- eco lost in this tournament! WTF is that VP?!
vp not going to spodek
4 bo1's still left. Crawl back to your cave.
Xyp9x clutch
Powerful argument m8.
Xyp9x clutch 1on1 basically the same 1on2 Snax better 1on3 Xypex better 1on4 Snax better 1on5 Snax better Nice try though.
SK vs fnatic
Denis is not major champion, Natu. :P vs HellRaisers
Pasha just showed how to lose a game basically on his own. Congratulations. Such a unreliable player to have.
SK vs
Love Anders and Semmler though if vp were losing there wouldn't be so many excuses. ;) SK do this, SK don't do this. VP is playing almost perfect CS. Appreciate it.
Neo will retire maybe? no please
They were rivals back then. In 2004 their teams mixed in order to make best polish team possible.