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The new update and the first shot
Random guy comes along.... pretends to know how the game would be better even though it's been like this for over 10 years .... weird moment..... doesn't even understand basic CS weapon-design .... ev...
Quake Live
That's not entirely fair to say though. Reflex is still early-access and the most played mode is duel, because there's no good team-mode, yet. CTF is coming this month and it looks/plays really good. ...
New engine for cs?
thx for the laugh. literally....thx for the laugh. I've read a lot of BS on hltv over the time..but this def. in the top10 :D
New engine for cs?
...what...i dont even... quick info: the current version of the engine CS:GO is using did not come out 2004, you genius. And why would you have to relearn the movement?! You can literally redo the ...
....what? Since when are .com-domains free? Not crying about a website you little prick, rather the fact that this dude seems to be too cheap to buy a fucking domain for like...12$ per year. Simply...
puh...spending a few dollar/month for a domain ... that's how passionate you are about it...pure dedication right here...
its true though. either this game has not enough ranks....or its just fucked up. I barely play CS:GO these days ...over the last 3 weeks i played some matches here and there and that's it. I only solo...
281MB update
hell yes it does. still wondering why they don't just implement the opus codec. it's better and uses less bandwidth ... and celt isn't even supported anymore....
Bye cheating??? Now Valve allow developers to ban cheater directly.
no. A game dev can vac-ban people playing his game. That's all. ESL can't tell Valve to ban someone on CS:GO f.e., just because wire caught someone.
other competitive game worth playing?
taz: "CS:GO is the hardest game to master"
Well, he obv. never played CPMA.
Are you fucking retarded or what man?
De_tuscan -> ?
Hitbox Cheat
1.6 purists are hilarious