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Being hipster and being 15 are two completely different things. Make up your mind and then come to talk with me.
just bought a house AMA
thumbs up for phily
You work with a lot of people by doing what? Fapping all day on pornhub? That's far from working bro... You really gotta go out and see sun light and not sit on your pc for 15 hrs straight to get bait...
Seeing that you are getting insulted by the things i've said, I can already tell there is something going on with your sexual orientation... there is nothing wrong with that of course... but thinking ...
And what's my other gay half? Having a man and normal haircut?
I'm kinda curious how old are you... Do you know that teenagers are going straight into the army in really big amount of the countries? And I'm talking about 18-19... that's the average age. I'm prett...
No, i'm living in a year where i don't like showing off your gay half.
if you think you look bad having short hair and nothing special - you are definitely not a man. Short hair is the hair that every man should consider himself attractive with - NO MATTER WHAT. Everythi...
You trying to be beautiful shows that you have weak personality.
i'm from 2030
Did we send man to mars?
Lost a lot of money, scammed a couple of kids to get back these money and bought myself PC and 2nd hand car from it. So I would say it was a good time... RIP Csgolounge. You will be missed!
Texas shooting
I do not understand what's your point here...
345hr raw playtime and LEM
What about kissing me instead?
wtf sound?
valve reddit csgo pick one
what happens when u die in heaven or hell?
There is no such thing as heaven or hell... your just die. There wont be space, time or any kind of energy that you are going to feel around you. Your soul will most likely disappear.