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rigged major?
Nowadays all the maps are pretty balanced... I don't know how long you've been playing the game, but back in the day when the competitive scene began its journey, maps such as inferno/mirage for examp...
I have no clue
He actually made you a compliment... LOL
ex-SS kidnapped?
How it turned from pashabiceps's stream being funny to making a point based on his internet sentences about his lifestyle, job, money and brain capacity. Only one insecure human being can say such t...
CSGO alternatives
400k? free game? xD
mobile game
space rocket vs spider v3
CSGO alternatives
How does 400k mean anything? Thats one of the lowest numbers out there...
Movement + the nostalgy about it... Every time i think about cs, I think about 1.6 not csgo. :P
Free To Play
Your answer doesn't answer the question I asked above. So your comment is basically pointless.
Free To Play
I still don't understand you. Most of the cheats used right now by these new accounts are mainly the free ones (spin bot for example) that exist since the game started, and vac still does nothing. You...
Free To Play
I think you are missing my point here... I don't care about the prime, trust factors and etc. I'm talking about the amount of new players that have just started playing csgo. If I was starting to play...
Free To Play
I don't get your point... What does that even mean and how is it connected to anything I said above? I said that I don't know a game which is that big as csgo that bans people based on their "mac" ad...
Free To Play
Like 90% of the new players, so basically valve is making them quit the game even before the players commit to the game itself. xD
Free To Play
Wait... what you are saying does not make any sense whatsoever. So you are basically saying - the game is free to play, but at the same time you are forced to pay the same amount of money the game is...
Free To Play
I've never heard about a game with anticheat banning players's mac adresses.