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I rate your countries greatest inventions
Why do you comment on my comment? Isn't that what I said?!
I rate your countries greatest inventions
What are you doing with the dynamite tho...
I rate your countries greatest inventions
I thought people in germany had brains... John Atanasoff invented the first computer. He was half american, half bulgarian. Beer also has nothing to do with germany... You missed like 12 years in scho...
he not well
You cannot compare cs 1.6 with csgo... Back in the day cs 1.6 was the one and only game with that character and that was the main reason everyone was playing it... Also the fact that you could've play...
Hmmm... Im not sure about that. CSGO's playerbase isn't that big of a deal, and you can't use the word "barely" simply because we are in 2018 where we have a lot more games with really big player base...
These numbers are pretty whatever dude... You can't base your opinion on such numbers, because pretty much everyone nowadays has at least one smurf account... Big percent of these "players" are in the...
Americans 0 iq CONFIRMED
I think that you are answering your own thread... Which means that your bait is kinda 0 IQ as well.
i fucking hate cold
I didn't ask to make fun of him... I asked because im curious... lol
i fucking hate cold
good one... lol
i fucking hate cold
Are you becoming a musician or what?
i fucking hate cold
Is this country even on planet Earth?
The fact that you consider global high level really shows how good you are at the game. Global is good compared to matchmaking standards, but it has nothing to do with your outside matchmaking skill l...
about 240hz
it actually has relevance... as you pointed it out. And it's pretty noticeable, even if you are on the same hz's. The thing you said is probably right, but it's not that much of a difference compare...
Because if you have a higher body weight than an average human, you also should drink and eat at least x2 everything so your body can "feel" it. It doesn't matter if its water, coffee, food, energy dr...