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more girls than men
most likely
Faze fans are noscenes
But you can't be insulting people for having no scene when they literally have no fault about it... It's like insulting someone for not being wealthy in terms of money just because he didn't have that...
Faze fans are noscenes
So you having a scene is something that you are proud of? I'm not exactly sure if any of the pro players from your country even know you exist... you didn't do a shit to help your scene grow, so there...
What about FNS? Did I miss something?
VAC Movement
Yes, but 1.6 isn't a thing anymore, so we gotta get into csgo's KZ.
VAC Movement
What if I care?
most likely your alt acc at this point
Salary cap
I'm talking the truth, I don't know why you take it so personal. Personally salary cap for me is the worst thing you can do in any type of sports and actually expect to work well.
Salary cap
Rugby and CSGO in 2k17.
So much...
So much...
She got an offer for a job overseas and since then I haven't seen her, and at this point I don't think I ever will.
So much...
I tried once to talk about it with them, they literally started judging me on the minute... and killed my "motivation" to speak with them. No one of them care obviously... it's enough for me that you...
So much...
My dad passed away when I was 12, I haven't seen my mom in 15 years. :)
So much...
I don't feel like sharing anything about my life with my family, because most of them don't even care about me honestly. About friends - I don't have anyone that close to who can talk about everything...
Salary cap
I love you friend, next time I will buy you a beer