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Blurry monitor problem
My resolution on the settings (on the pc) is showing that I'm on 1920x1080 which is marked as recommended. I'm not exactly sure if that's what you meant to say.
Blurry monitor problem
I did check for such thing in the monitor's settings, but I couldn't find it... It has an option called "Focus" but changing it's value doesn't really do anything. About the second part - what does t...
Blurry monitor problem
I do. :)
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Bored in job ama
Making a joke and laughing on it by yourself. Manly!
WC Format...
You understand its rng, right?
Best WC so far
The only reason I ever respected brazillian football was because of Pele. He made brazillian football.
You shouldn't put that much of a weight if you are new to these type of stuff... You gotta start with the basic things and with small amount of weights... you muscles should adjust to the movement at ...
PC problem
I'm pretty sure I can find people who can help in here as well.
PC problem
SO? What does that mean?
PC problem
You mean re-installing windows?
NIP magic
People still commenting and giving brain cells for csgo scene... and especially nip. :D
bitcoin to paypal
We will see whats gonna happen... But I personally don't think it's gonna hit the same prices ever again... and it happened mainly because there were a lot of "lucky" events that leaded up to raising ...
bitcoin to paypal
I don't see the reason to hold bitcoins anymore. It was predicted to get double or even triple the normal price for a really short amount of time, and it happened. I don't see it ever hitting these nu...
I didn't know that, thanks for clearing it out for me... lol.