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Irrelevant languages
You are just stating how dumb you are every time you talk
Irrelevant languages
Our country is one of the oldest in the world(if not the oldest) and you are saying we are irrelevant? That shows how smart and ignorant you are
You are better in salaries and just that. British, your countrymen as well, and many others foreign people with 50/60 years old are buying, in a massive way, houses here, to spend the rest of their ...
Anime fans come
And bleach didnt even reach it's peak....som many bankais to be unveiled...too bad they didnt continue with the anime
Smoking that shit wont solve anything. You will just be addicted to it.... I for example go often to the sea. Sit on the rocks, focus on the waves crashing, enjoy the sound of it, breath deeply and a...
Markeloff Miss this old times :/
who said that back then? I remember the statement but cant remember who xD
favourite number?
7-1 Dont even know how you didnt mention it, you must be a fag!
Just like your question :/ you are getting there congratz
Again contradicting yourself "furiously" mr.1911 coments since 2018-04-25. Ask yourself this "How can a mentally developed person over the age of 13 spend hours and hours watching and writing in hltv...
i cant beat you? you are condracting yourself over and over lol, where did i attack you?, its pointless to argue with someone like you. keep thinking that animes are full of pedophilia xDDDDDDDDD Cy...
Googling for couple of minutes people tastes? xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Give me a break, i hope your baiting, but i actually think you aint, what is wrong liking cartoons/animes? You are commenting r...
At least i know to express myself without feeling the need to criticize people tastes or talking about things that arent actually true, like pedophilia in animes? seriously?. Why dont you come up wit...
BCkoGOD the perfection, the right one, who else but him? I WILL TELL YOU NO ONE, You know why? because whatever he dislikes, he feels the need to point out what kind of issue others have, just becaus...
ACE - fast cache A site hold
Nothing special tbh, but nice round anyway