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New ESEA payment options
esea hosts a lot of small events in the weekend, u can win ton of prizes. Also, best anti-cheat, u can check your stats to see how u improving...etc.
RattlesnK 1.6 ACE
look at #101 and go away my friend, the same for you.
RattlesnK 1.6 ACE
lol im a pure 1.6 player and have never played source. I dont see my comment has anything made you think im a sourcer. Some of the retarded 1.6 players like you have made this site became garbage. Ple...
RattlesnK 1.6 ACE
your comments seem retarded.
NiP wont lose
Navi to win cph games 2013
tromhaT the legend still alive
dont be like that, i live in america too
tromhaT the legend still alive
lmfao are u kidding? who the hell is tromhat and what shit has he achieved?
nations dreamteams?
NA: n0thing dazed swag steno(leader) skadoodle.
Get_RiGhT 3-man Spraydown & Taunting Anexis
you got the most homosexual comment i've ever seen. (its based on my opinion,i dont flame nor troll,thats how i see it :) )
f0rest crying and laughing his ass off during interview
f0rest crying and laughing his ass off during interview
im pretty sure vg's first csgo event is dream hack something... And there was a news on hltv which i remember they wrote vg was only starting to play csgo right before the event cuz they still had to ...
f0rest crying and laughing his ass off during interview
nip yes vg not
CSGO sucks!
i think the p2000 is fine since i can 1 shot people at any distance in pistol round. I like it
i have seen this in csgo lol
no budy is answer me please help!
he doesnt give a fuck haha