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Universe and religion
This is the right answer for all religion questions.
who will win the WC?
Not that it fucking sounded like you could have been thinking of world war or sth, just saying . Heh, stereotypes. Peace brother :) <3
Guess the delay of Copenhagen Games 2014
+1 I actually giggled
10 questions you hate to read in chat while watching twitch
'are' ._.
Where have you seen these?
Valve now banning accounts that were not used to cheat on
I was 100% sure that was the way I said it. I need to do researh on it. May you give me some source?
Valve now banning accounts that were not used to cheat on
Vac ban was always meant to ban all the vac proof games on the banned account. More accurately, it bans you from playing on vac proof servers.
CZ75-Auto Give_weapon command
It would make no sense since decoy is meant to be loud while a1 not.
mym aktualnie[PL]
Of course you don't. Use condoms please.
mym aktualnie[PL]
You just showed how unintelligent, childish and impolite you are. Semen is so random these days.
That's why it has 24 bullets and you are not allowed to spam it constantly.
That's the balancing factor, if it was like you said it'd be mac-10 for 300 bucks. The point is to wider or change the usage spectrum but cut it off at the right point to not to be overpowered.
that'd be a smg, you missed the point of it being a pistol
SURF Servers
Logo Contest
The simplest one. I have the loseless file saved. It's just a scratch.