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potential liquid 5th?
The reason they can't announce the 5th is because he's under contract. Patience.
nV disband
from home? About a finals series his team wasn't good enough to qualify for?
Nex lying about Gaming Paradise food?
clearly joking. nex is a legend
Luminosity and Nihlium switching
I think devilwalk should focus on his own mistakes...
mOe says...
Both to1nou and kennyS could replace smithz
Kinguin ESL Cologne qualifier
bracket is up
Kinguin ESL Cologne qualifier
Kinguin ESL Cologne qualifier
keen #hype where's the bracket? coming of dennis. coming of
Kinguin Situation
Is there a stream for tonights qualifier?
Renegades too stronk
We play mr17 on the first map here in Australia. Knife round counts as the first round for whoever wins it.
Better PR will come from winning tournaments. HLTV threads do little to add to the Kinguin brand.
Desi in Nihlium?
Dropping 30 on trial never hurts.
autimatic kicked
Statistically speaking autimatic was the 4th best fragger...not that it means much.
maik last round?
His first aggressive move with the pop flash was a great play and worked...he just missed an easy shot on pimp. After that he shouldn't have re-peaked though but honestly CS is an agro game and you...
Ex6TenZ dislike ScreaM