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Amsterdam There arent "so many hookers" over here, thats NA brainwashing at its finest. We are just known for the red light district where prostitution is 'tol...
u sure u want to meet people from hltv? lel go walk on the canals, visit dam square, kill a pidgeon, get killed by bikes, visit sex museum like every other tourist, go to stedelijk museum, heineken e...
[*] Tory Lanez
i thought tory lanez was a female pornstar
10/10 girl
geiler dan de gemiddelde snol tijdens het uitgaan
18+ Antidepressants
it is, drug from hell, designed for junkies
18+ Antidepressants
and then sleep for 12 hours and feel like ur head has a filter and everything takes 5 seconds longer to realize
18+ Antidepressants
well its hltv, its not like i can make other conclusions than what you show aka your flag. I also didnt say that you said that weed is the solution to everything, i was just making a statement. and ...
18+ Antidepressants
this comment is so shortsighted.. typical na fag that has smoked weed a few times and thinks its the coolest thing on the planet. there are enough people that get anxious from smoking weed, psychotic,...
Yanet Garcia overrated
latina chick once threw her keys in my face because I made a joke about not wanting to hug her, still have a little dimple in my forehead 5 years later
170CM male
its not that bad tbh, some girls wont even consider dating you but fuck those whores that only look at height.
R8 Latvija chick
she is plastic but natural
Find your birthday twin!
fuck yea
Vitality fix
-zywoo +disband and retire faze +zywoo
[18+] Face/Boobs/Ass
yes because squeezing muscle feels better than squeezing assfat... why dont you squeeze some dude's bicep if you really want muscle you fagboy