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Hong Kong?
Just a bunch of dogs biting their master's hand
USA 1st or 3rd world?
Always with the excuses with the left. They commit the most crimes everywhere in the world. Thanks for agreeing.
USA 1st or 3rd world?
What for? I just gave you stats. Take a look at any black majority country or city in the world and tell me they aren't complete shitholes. Thanks
USA 1st or 3rd world?
" high murder rates for a 1st world country " Pretty much just blacks skewing the numbers. They make up 13% of the population and commit 51% of the murders.
USA 1st or 3rd world?
They are poor because they are violent and stupid, not the other way around. Blacks are 13% of the US population and commit 51% of the murders.
Stupidest nation?
RIP Incontrol
Please don't pollute Japan. Keep Japan Japanese.
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Most disliked country
Political Ideology
I'm reading a lot of fluff. European Imperialism aka African leaders sold their own citizens. Asians are more intelligent as shown not only in America but across the globe. Btw, IQ tests have no preju...
Political Ideology
Blacks fail in America with the system helping them through Affirmative Action. Asians still consistently do better while being penalized. There is no systemic racism that you talk about towards Black...
Political Ideology
Asian countries have the highest IQ. IQ tests are literally just identifying patterns. "Who gives them" makes no difference. Asians do the best by far and actually make the most money in America. Chi...
Political Ideology
Too many variables to really pinpoint "fault." Not so much a certain group; America is just too diverse. It's too easy to immigrate and become a citizen here, and allowing illegal immigrants to vote i...
Political Ideology
Yup, America is falling down the rabbit hole too quickly to recover now.